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Title (dev): ~test Double Vibe [m4f] [1 pic] (For Hentai)
Difficulty: Deadly (5)
Push one more into her!

Push one more into her!

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Description [POV Attack] (english):
She looks like she's enjoying herself so much that you decide to give her a hand. You push a second toy into her other hole and grin as she starts to spasm and shake from the combined stimulation.

Bot dialog (english):



Description [POV Victim] (english):
You're so focused on pleasuring yourself that you don't notice him slipping a second toy into your other entrance! You body shivers, then starts to spasm and shake... are you really going to cum like this?



Kinks: Anal


Type of action: | Masturbation (self) | Holding

Last updated: September 09, 2022 03:36


- Maybe its a bug but this move appears for a male while he is in bondage and all requirements are met. Seems a bit unfair and dont know if this is on purpose. It makes atleast no sense for me how he can push a vibrator in. Maybe needs not attached hands?

- Image is of rather low quality and lighting is not very optimal. for maintainer consideration if quality is sufficient to warrant acceptance.

- Changed action to suit image - girl is using the dildo on herself. action may be linked to previous actions: and to maintain consistency if necessary.

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