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Make me yours... But I can be a bit bratty... I don't respond to messages anymore I have too much sorry... I'll pick you in the matchmaking queue if you are there ;) (I tend to pick people waiting for a long time) I'm a switch, if you didn't catch that ;) (and yeah, I'm a real girl ;) )

About lil' old me:
- I have insane work days, often work on weekend, so I don't play really often, and usually within the day
- I just love Broadway musicals, not really a sex topic but I had to say it!
- I finally did a kink list! Here it is!
- My preferred mod is definitely classic, I just love going back and forth between topping you to getting pounded hard!
- I like roleplay if I have time, at least some dirty talk! Please make sure you can answer and play fast during a game though :/
- I'm really more active on the Discord
- I'm a mod, don't hesitate to contact me if you need something ;)

Just putting my trophies there if you don't mind!
I won against:

Mork, though I don't recall this game so much, I have to do one again ;)
Frenchie (yes that bug didn't matter!)
Jay jay (he was sooo nice..)
"I'm new", who never wanted to loose so much..
Jay thunder! Two times in tournament, I think he's starting to hate me o.o
I domed virginboy!
I used martin26 as my fuck toy!
I fucked Jiro into oblivion during 8 hours !
I won against CockHero, even if he did made me his slut after that... !
I did borrow Queen Hira's Servant for a while, and I must say she have there a wonderful Cock of Steel, no man's as resistant as him! > Even if I did broke him with my ass in the end, the guy can't really resists some naughty talk hehehe ;)
I took down the Meta Reporter himself after the longest game I've ever seen! The guy sure know his game... Mmm...
Johnny Stiletto came all over my face too... Even if, well... I did cum before him irl, I have to say...
tboy23 got it hard hehe!
Arlo dominated me for the whole game but I was the one to get his cum ;)
I hugged the Yorkshireman with my boobs full of his cum to be bratty, and... He liked it. 😳
I fucked the little slave hole of Alistuvaorja!
I tried out the /beats on Frank hehe :)
And I tried the sounds on a dom session on Rowan <3
Jimbo & Nicholas got it, and they got it hard!
Max just got me on my knees, begging to cum for him, just submitting to his cock... My most submissive game of EroFights...
I won against Will... But well, could you really call it winning when you submit THAT much?
I won against my old friend, Dude91bad, who don't pass here often, but is soo interesting to play with ;)

I did lose against:

Stef! First tournament game, how could I forget? I did broke the game trying to resist a cum assault, though! So yeah, I tried! hehe
Andre! And don't trust his word, I had the upper hand! Hehe!
Milov88, on a 10% shot, and now I do owe him a good time, damn..
Jayyyy... And yeah... All these y's cause he's gonna make you moan his name too, girls...
Siul... Damn I'm loosing it these times...
Winston... Ooo.. I didn't stand more than two cum tests... Girls... He IS good.
Evilthorn... Be careful of the little fox! He sure knows how to use his tail!
Jeff, one for real, two in game... What a night...
Archi J! I was really sure I would won... But then he grows a pair of tits and fuck my mind! o.O Anyway! I liked his fast pace and competitive mind ;)
John Steed defended the title of Guardian against me. I have fallen and may never rise again :'(
Rafa taught me better than thinking I could easily win against a newbie! Such a hot scene!
I love Evilthorn soooo much... He's fluffy tail is always my demise!
Will ended up turning me into his little cumslut in a tournament game... Such a shame!...
Second game against Winston... He was so kind as to loose the tournament to paint my face! hihi
I really thought I could easily dom Sanzo... But he really showed me otherwise!
I lost against Franky , it was soooo close though! Very good RP =)
The famous bunny, crushed in my first try of Lesbian Wrestling Ring!
I was a very slutty subby Domme for Darkice, and my scary Domme reputation will only grow, now!

Also, I'm usually not bi, but I did had a wonderful fuck with Alissa, Lucia, Queen Elodia and Aelys ;)

Dom/Sub thing:

I got dommed by Sofia, quite an interesting experience! :smirk:
I dom Frank a little, he's such a sweetie about it <3

Your name is not here and should be? Please remind me! :)

PS: I like an audience, so be sure to hit your public button ;)

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