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♥️ Heya there! Not a girl, not a crossdresser... just an androgenous boy with curvy hips and a fat cock~. ♥️

- Domming (Most Top stuff)

🔵- When I'm in control, there are a few things that I like. Cock Worship, Titfucking, Oral, Anal, Roughness, Spanking, Breeding, Sex Toys, Cunilingus in general, Light-Bondage, Cocknosis or CockDrunkness, Teasing (I'm a big brat).

🔵- In the end, I prefer consensual scenes. Can start with reluctance, but in the end... I want the two of us to be making a loud and sloppy and enjoyable mess.

- Subbing (Top-Bottom stuff)

🟣- If you are a powerbottom... he is yours~ I'm fine with most things when subbing, to be honest. I'm quite bratty, so, if that's your thing... let me know! Also, I don't submit -easy-, you better know what you are doing or I'm going to turn the tables.

🟣- Cuckolding and Pegging are two of my faves when we go for the complete submission route. If you can play a third party, you are going to make my cum buckets~ Chastity is nice, but I prefer if you give me some chance to escape... otherwise is complete submission without any resistance, and that's boring to me :P

- Rules

🔵- I usually go for Bondage and Hypno rules most of the time. 5 or 6 to get free or snapback. Sometimes I use the +1,+2,+3 Variant, which gives you a bonus every time you fail, so it's not something 100% one-sided all the time.

🔵- Regarding temporary rules and things like that, I'm open to hearing what you have in mind or if you want me to do something with your profile as well. Nothing too extreme, of course, just something silly or perhaps 'humiliating'.

- RP Stuff

🟣- I consider myself a pretty nice Roleplayer. If you approach with a scenario in mind, we can certainly work around it! I have 'fantasies' from time to time, but I love helping someone fulfill their~

- Relationships

🔵 - Queen and I meet in a 'kinky' BDSM kind of club, you know? Or should I say she landed her eyes on that package between my legs? Well, the thing is that she was looking for something important there, and she found!... more or less... In the end we got along, and seems like I'm her prince... The result? Ended up collared, cock-ringed and pierced by her. Totally a boytoy, right?

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