Angel (Level 6) mail warning

Looking for trouble!

I've created this alt for enjoying my submissive side but in a world of fake dominants apparently I can't be a slut. What's the point being a sub then?

I'll do a rework to the character.


Hi everyone. Well I am Angel aka Set of holes for you. At least this character is! Spring is coming and I want to make you cum too after you have treated me like the good little slut I am.

I want to let go and being fully submissive. Just a pretty little whore that enjoy being verbally abused and treated like the stupid girl I am.

I will edge and deny myself like the good little fucktoy I am till someone doesn't decide for me that is time to orgasm my brain out.

Ruin my mind. Ruin my pussy. Let me enjoy the warming sensation of being a really good submissive.

I beg you~


irl stuff for when I'm particularly horny


Be a good Goonnette

anyone may send me whatever porn they want, video, image, gif, of any subject with a number 1-5, and I'll edge that many times to the porn sent. No limit to the amount of times someone can send them.

I'll come up with more maybe.

Slutty pet of Reina she always makes me melt in pleasure! We had fun a while back and she made me melt with words!! I'm her pet when she wants to!! And I truly love it and enjoy it!!

My profile is set to lesbian, but I'm actually Bisexual 😘 don't be afraid to shot a message guys!!

wc Is lesbian
autorenew Is a switch
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