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Up for all kinds of matches~

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Heya there. Yet another futa just looking to have fun with cuties! I can be pretty competitive sometimes unless we are being too flirty, then I may just ignore who wins and just have fun with you. I'm a True Switch, meaning I don't have any problems with taking the lead or letting you do it... maybe 'letting' is not the right word when you are a bit of a brat :P

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Well, I'm up for bets, and my 'current rules' are going to be listed in this section... if there is none... that means I did not lose a bet to anyone yet ;)

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I'm up for just Dirty talking during a game, or going RP + Actions. In the end, my limits are pretty much most 'dirty stuff' apart from musk, and my kinks involve most Hentai stuff ^-^. Yep, most stuff, from all the NTR stuff to the vanilla ones.


Amouranth was such a good girl for Mommy that I could not resist and ended up breeding her over and over again. She is going to be a lovely mommy as well now, twins. A futa redhead and a female brunette, its going to be lovely watching them nursing on her perfect tits~

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wc Is lesbian
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