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女同性恋 / Switch

Hey I'm Arlyne, a 20 year old lewd girl from Europe!

I'm more than excited to find some like-minded kinky people on here! I'm fairly experienced with online sexting (dirty talk, pics, vids etc.) and roleplaying, which is what I'm (probably) mainly here for! I haven't had any experience with stuff such as sexfighting, but the concept sounds sexy though, so I'm eager to try it out some time!

My pic is me, and yes you're welcome to slap it c;

My toys!
- Fleshlgiht
- Silicone butt-masturbator
- Transparent dildo
- Butt-plug
- Cuffs
- 3 cock rings

wc 是女同性恋
autorenew 是Switch
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