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Lesbian / Switch

Hello, my name is Karina and my wrestling name is called The Jaguar hehe :). I am a 27 year old Filipino woman who loves to wrestle other women, especially when one of us is fighting for physical and sexual dominance. I am a genuine person and if you go against me, I want us both to have fun. Although, I will be competitive and will not hold back until you submit to me, unless you find a way to make me melt under you. I don’t do bets but if I win, I will certainly take you to my bed and fuck you with my strap on hehe. Don’t worry though, my goal is to always make my losers enjoy cumming to their own defeat whether I am dominating or making sweet love to you and trust me I can be a real predator in the sheets ;). If I lose however, you can do the same to me, I am capable to know when I can get have lost and succumb to my sexual desires as a woman and I will gladly submit and purr for you if you tame me. I like medium to short role play with a mix of sweet and trash talk especially when we call each other’s names while we go against each other.

Age: 27
Ethnicity: Filipino 🇵🇭
Bust: B Cup
Height: 5’7
Wrestling Alias: The Jaguar

~*Outside of the Ring*~
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~Nothing feels more relaxing than being in a jacuzzi before a match 😊~
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