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To Tame or Be Tamed, that is the Question

Bi / Switch

Description and experience
5’10 dark hair and eyes. With some athletic ability. I have irl experience as a sexfighter with a record of 17-9 (irl fights). I am the author of the sex wrestling league on Literotica. I’ve enjoyed sexfights for a long time and find that sex is always better when it’s a competition.

I’ve gained a lot of experience here at EroFights. You face me, you are always going to get my best effort. I’m a switch, you better beat me if you want to push me into submission! I’m pretty open to most kinks and stakes, so just ask! I’m pretty open to most matches. If you have an idea, let me know.

I’m usually open to new ideas and kinks. Most of the sexfights I have been in, involve some sort of stakes. I’m always looking for a new opponent that thinks they can tame me. I’m open to facing pretty much anyone. I prefer to face women and trans but will definitely do matches against guys as well. Please at least be competitive in a match. I love a back and forth. I’m open to bets and unique rules if you have them!

The Guardian of the Hill Champion 1x


I challenged DD and her incredible tits to a match. I thought that I had the upper hand and was on my way to getting a screaming orgasm from her and her full submission. She resist my very best effort and put me in my place. I turned into a drooling mess for her.

The Series
Stephanie and I are engaging in a best of seven series with the loser being subjected to a public dom session by the winner. If the series goes 7 matches, match 7 will be public.
Match 1-Troy wins (2 to 1). Troy leads the series 1-0
Match 2- Stephanie wins (2 to 1). Series tied at 1-1
Match 3- Troy wins (2 to 1). Troy leads the series 2-1
Match 4- Troy wins (2 to 1). Troy leads the series 3-1
Match 5- Stephanie wins (2 to 1) Troy leads the series 3-2
Match 6- Troy wins the series.
Match 7- (if necessary)

More about Troy
I like to tame a succubus. There is something thrilling about the stakes being higher against a woman demon.

That is until Lust the Succubus took control of me. She not only took control of my body but of my mind as well. She has the ability to control me and use me for her pleasure as she sees fit.

Trans and femboys are usually give me the most difficult match up. They have been some very intense matches for me.
I challenged Bianca and wound up becoming her first male cumdump. I’ll have to do better next time!
I challenged Moaning Molly to a match. I thought I had the upper hand making her cum early and resisting her attempts. She finally turned the tables and make me cum twice as she handed me an L.
I have had an epic series vs Stephanie. We have had over 30 matches with each other and have almost split them evenly. We have each had long winning streaks where we dominate the fuck out of the loser. She has become one of my toughest opponents!
I challenged Alex and she fucked me into submission. She milked me dry and continued to pound me after the match.
Betty and I have had a series of matches. While I won the first four, she has started to take her revenge in winning the last two! I’ll have to put her back into place!
Due to my loss to Tiffany, I must play as Troya for the next 3 games instead of Troy. 3/3

Current Rules in Effect
From Derek
I can only escape hypno by rolling a 6. 4/5 games
From Cal:
I’m obsessed with asses. I have to pick any action that involves an ass. COMPLETE
From Ares:
rule: you enjoyed so much my hand. When the jerk you cock you need to roll a dice
5/6 you can play, less you had to skip 5/5 COMPLETE
From Marissa- for next 5 games against mtf I have to cum for a cumtest with a cock in my ass. 5/5 COMPLETE
From Brooke- until I win 10 games I have a fun secret test rule that I have to play with 10/10
From Horny Slut- must cum when my pleasure is over 75. 5 wins. 5/5 Completed
From Kendra- I have to chose to remove clothes until I am naked when given the option for 5 games. 5/5
From Kira- I have to skip everytime my ass is penetrated until I win 5 games. 5/5 COMPLETED

From Emily the Cumwhore- every time my ass is penetrated I have to beg for more until I win 10 games. 10/10 Completed
From Sissy Michelle- Everytime your opponent takes your dick in their mouth, you have to thank them for doing that 10/10

Optional Rules
Can’t think straight- Prior to the match, each person picks one sexual act that they are so good at, the other person can’t think straight. If you can play that action 3 times in a row without redrawing the action, the victim has to either skip or allow their action to be selected. 4 times in a row- 2 turns; 5 times in a row- 3 turns. If the 3/4/5 time is a cum test, the person can select cum instead of test. By selecting a play to cum, the count resets.

Tell me a secret- each player confides one specific action that really drives them nuts (ex. Kissing in cowgirl; Amazon; eating out from behind) if that action is played they player goes into a sex daze (similar to hypnosis). Roll a d6: 1-3 dazed and confused; 4-6 snapped out. Unlimited turns and auto cum test if dazed.

Hypnosis Overload- When a hypnosis action is used, the hypnotize person rolls. 1-4= hypnotized. 5-6=hypnosis is reversed to the other player. Each turn of failed escape of the hypnotized person increases a level.
Level 1- action for the person is picked or asked to skip
Level 2- Next two turns the action is picked or skipped. Also must skip their next roll.
Level 3- action is picked or skipped and the player gets a mini rule to play with for the rest of the game
Level 4- Actions are picked for the next three turns and must auto fail the first cum test. Skip rolling for 3 turns.
Level 5- Actions picked and rule is given for the next 3 games
Level 6- Actions picked for next five turns. Skip rolling for 5 turns
Level 7- Fully Hypnotized and must auto fail both cum tests. Rule given for next five games.

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