Dawn (Level 8) mail warning

I love writing rps and playing with other people
If you're a transgender, sissy, or a femboy dont hesiltate to match with me or dm a msg.

I'm into facesitting, ass worship, petplay, and scentplay.
Don't Mind being edged, but don't over do it
Self-Denial since 10-6-21

1x Wrestling Champ
6ft 2 tall, 194 pounds, with a about 6 inch cock to please anybody who come my way

==Notable Encounters==
Princess Anastasia has collared me as her puppy. She is my princess and owner. My body and mind are hers now <3.

Domor was such a bratty kitten but however like all kittens, she submitted to her inner desires

My weak cock got milked by Vadania ass two times in a row. My pathetic cock can’t even make her cum once

After encountering Jennie, I edged her into submissive bliss as I forced to give into her carnal pleasures

Made Eleanor my lil breeding slut for my cock

Beat Ariana once in a wrestling match :)
Vadania, for the next 5 games, every time my dick is in a girl asshole you must roll a dice. If I roll a 1 or 2, you remember how her cute little asshole destroyed my cock and skip (Finished)
After losing to Jessica, I have to spank myself 10 times, everytime I'm spanked in game (5/5)

Loser has to play with the winner in a interactive game. Loser has to ask winner for permission to cum and follow every order given by winner
if an action hypnotizes me, or ties you up, you need to roll a 5+(ask for it)

if you've read this far, if you say sit,puppy... you can choose to 2 limit my actions to the top two

access_time Last time active: About 12 hours ago, created about 1 year ago
access_time Local time: 00:52
send Classic: Has won 51 games and lost 48 games
send Hentai game: Has won 2 games and lost 1 games
send Interactive: Has played 16 games
send The Wrestling Ring: Has won 14 games and lost 9 games
send Lesbian Wrestling Ring (LWR): Has won 0 games and lost 0 games
send Hentai JOI (Beta): Has played 0 games
send Femdom with Caprice: Has played 0 games
star Has 7 stars
autorenew Is a switch
wc Is bi
vpn_lock Private games
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Feminization, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Humiliation, Bondage, Foot fetish, Armpits, Tickling, Lick Ass, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Hardcore BDSM
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