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Hmph. Sister Nagusa prattles on and on about love, comfort and all that nonsense. What a misguided fool. Can you believe she even refuses to take energy from others? Joke of the century, indeed! I have no such qualms about draining your essence, and that is why I have my nine beautiful tails, while she has none.

The best energy is laced with the sweet taste of pure, unbridled lust. Lust and want that has been slowly built up. Lust that has been denied at length, the longer the better. Lust mixed with desperation and unfulfilled need. You want to offer a tribute? best to come prepared.

Do not worry. I take good care of those who offer me their energies, as long as they keep supplying me with more...

Do not waste my time with challenges to a game. I have no time, nor wish to waste my energy on silly human rituals. Either come with an offering of energy, or don't. There are always more offerings available.


Hi all, novice crossgendering RPer here. It's time I tackled my weaknesses and do something I've found myself to be bad at. I may do badly the first few times I do this, so feedback and comments is always appreciated. Also a shoutout and thanks to the many people who have been teaching and guiding me along the way.

Would much prefer public games so any of my teachers who are around can watch and give me guidance and advice after we are done. If you are uncomfortable in public, that is fine too.

Please at least put some effort when playing with me. I reserve the right to leave games if I feel all the effort is coming from me.

Character purely for IRL modes.

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