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Come and enter our Booths! Guys n' Gals alike, Roleplays or Fights! All are welcome!

Welcome to The Gloryhole kind stranger~... Please make yourself at home and enjoy the company of our "receptionists". Once you feel ready, please ask for entry and head to your designated booth where our worker will be eagerly waiting for you. If you wish for a more, hands on approach, we also have workers who will happily head into a more spacious lounge. Please be aware that despite our establishment's name, we offer much more services. Please read below or contact the reception for more information!

For any business inquiries and demands, please refer to this establishment's owner, Ceres.

Our Booths await you

Table of Content:

  1. Policies
  2. Background and Hierarchy
  3. Loyalty & Satisfaction Programs
  4. Rooms and Workers
  5. Special Events
  6. VIP Customers and Marks
  7. Contact Us


While our establishment is still in its youth, we at the Gloryhole like to uphold very strict policies regarding usage of our workers and facilities. Currently under the management of Ceres, the Gloryhole welcomes all from any race, gender, or sexuality, without discrimination. May you wish for a quick use of our booths or for a passionate night with one of our ladies or boys, the Gloryhole is the place to be at. During your time in our facilities, we ask of every customers to respect a few guidelines and leave booths as clean as possible. Additionally, it is asked of every customers not to abuse or mistreat any of our workers within their time in our establishment. Customers caught misbehaving and misusing our booths will be severely punished and may be prone to fines. By entering our facilities, you agree upon our guidelines and subject yourself to be given punishment in accordance with EroFights City laws such as forced "janitorial" duties.

The Gangbang Booth
Our girls will be sure to milk you and your friends dry~ Satisfaction guaranteed or the house owes you one!*

Background and Hierarchy

After inheriting a small fortune, Ceres bought a small terrain within the downtown area of EroFights City. As they arrived, they would be met with an old shack that had miraculously survived the city's recent expansion and urbanization. Decided to make their new location work, Ceres would proceed to hire the most skillful of workers and tainted minds they knew to carefully craft a lasting and sustainable new facility for kinksters populating the city. After several months of work and renovation, the Gloryhole would finally be ready for its grand re-opening.

Now in full swing, the gloryhole welcomes workers and clients of all origins equally, flourishing upon its inclusivity and warm ambiance. With Ceres at the lead, the facilities are slowly proceeding their upswing, always innovating and thriving to provide the upmost and most heavenly pleasures to its most loyal customers.

Owner and Manager: Serene
Founder and Secretary: Ceres
Other Collaborators: You Perhaps? Apply now!

Loyalty & Satisfaction Programs

Loyalty Program

We over at the Gloryhole believe that our customers' satisfaction is what truly fuels and drives our humble establishment and due to such, we've decided to implement a simple system to reward the loyalty of our customers. In addition to our usual affordable and competitive pricings, customers earn points over their visits in order to gain perks and access to our special VIP Employees. To incite our customers to respect the establishment's policies, our workers can assign notes to customers which will influence their earnings with each visits:

5 Stars Gloryhole Visit: 10 Points
4 Stars Gloryhole Visit: 6 Points
0-3 Stars Gloryhole Visit: 3 Points
5 Stars Lounge Visit: 15 Points
4 Stars Lounge Visit: 10 Points
0-3 Stars Lounge Visit: 6 Points

After collecting enough points, customers may redeem special rewards with accumulated points:

30 Points: You get to keep a worker as a Personal Slave for a week (Please inquire about regulations. Workers MUST be treated with care and returned in perfect conditions. Workers being mistreated shall not be tolerated).
25 Points: A special free private session with a worker of your choice in any settings that you may desire.
20 Points: For the duration of a week, you can assign a worker or staff member of your choice to service ANY rooms of your choice (Such as our Bondage Booths, Milking Booths, Fuck-Machine Booths, Etc...)

Until the last drop!

Satisfaction Program

Here at the Gloryhole satisfaction is guaranteed to all of our customers! Our workers work tirelessly night and days in order to fulfill all of your desires and needs, giving you the pleasures of your dreams and realizing your fantasies.

In the unlikely scenario that you would ever be dissatisfied by our workers' services, please do immediately reach out to our administration in order to tell us more about your experience. You will be subjected to a thorough inspection and pleasurable milking by our VIP Workers in order to first verify your saying. In the event that the house would find your claim to be truthful an that our service had not properly lived up to your expectations, Ceres engages themselves to compensate you with their body by fulfilling any requests you may have for an entire day. Please note that as any employees, it is mandatory that you take good care of any staff members and that excesses will not be tolerated. Once the satisfaction program begins, Ceres will become your personal worker and slave for the duration of 24h, dedicating themselves to your upmost pleasures in order to make-up for any lackluster services.

Rooms and Workers

Entrance and Reception

As you walk through The Gloryhole's door and arrive within its premise, you are quickly met with several accustomed customers of the establishment feasting upon a delicious banquet prepared by the most esteemed of cooks, all carefully picked to serve and fulfill our customers' hunger. Walking over to the bar, you would be welcomed by our busty receptionist, a smirk and teasing look in her gaze as she motions for you to come closer. She offers you a drink as she starts explaining the functionment of our esteemed establishment...

As you look around, you notice that some girls are drinking quite odd milky beverage, dripping down in stickiness. As your eyes wander, the receptionist giggles audibly and answers your questions, noticing that due to the high amount of sex within the establishment, the girls and guys having janitorial duties would harvest the cum of workers and clients alike in order to form homebrew "relaxing cum" beverage for the more depraved types that had a certain addiction to the taste of cum.

Our humble entrance

Strip Club

As you head upstairs and leave the reception, you quickly find yourself on the second floor, finding the source of this establishment's name. Noticing the entrance to several booths on the side, you are first lead over to the stage where you can find several workers dance around either nude or in skimpy outfits and lingerie, dancing around, bringing drinks and food to customers, being groped, and much more~... Before you can even move and head somewhere else, one girl leans in and gropes your crotch, squeezing it in her hands and winking over to you as she kisses your cheek, welcoming you briefly as she then moves on to other customers. Ladies and guys alike look you over as you walk throughout the room, smirking as they admire your figure, their eyes devouring you.

Regardless of what happens next, you know that the strip club is one place where our workers will always help feel right at home~ <3 Lap dances, drinks, and free for all pleasures, the waitresses and dancers tend to your every needs carefully until you are properly satisfied

Strip Club~

Gloryhole Booths

From more Standard Mouth Booths to our newly created Fucking Booths, the Gloryhole is home to several different types of rooms to fulfill your every needs. Asses, pussies, mouths, cocks, our location is home to countless different booths to entertain all of your desires and demands. For our most adventurous of kinksters, the gloryhole also has special rooms which are primarily used by our loyalty program affiliates such as Bondage Booths or Fucking Machine Booths in which a client may chose to tie up a worker of their choice for their own amusement.

More private than the strip club, the booths are the perfect place for you to get an "in and out" quick fun time with our beloved employees, fulfilling whatever quick needs for a hole or cock you may have. Make sure to leave the booth as clean as possible upon exiting and leave our "attractions" in a good state for its next usage.

Rest assured that our very own "cum and fluid" cleaners will pass in every booths after usage to ensure the cleanest and most pleasant usage for each of our customers~.

Bondage Booths~

Private Lounges

Feeling more like a private time with one of our Gods and Goddesses? Ask to gain access to one of our private lounges and head with one of our workers for the night of your life! Once payment is made, you are entitled to the room of your choice for the rest of the night and are free to invite any worker of your choice to spend it along with you, fulfilling your every needs in a more private setting. You may also chose to invite more than one worker or change workers throughout the night as one of our esteemed and important lounge customers.

You may also ask for special installations to be made to your room such as Hypnotic Devices, BDSM and Domination instruments, Toy Rooms, and much more~...

Whatever you may need, we will ensure that your private sessions and public ones alike are of the highest quality possible.

Notable Workers

No Notable Workers to list for now~ Please remember that we have several smaller workers for your every needs, make sure to specify your kinks and desires and we will properly match you with a good playing partner!

Special Events

Make a mess!


VIP Customers and Marks

Come around and leave your mark! We have yet to nominate any VIP Customers, be the first ~

Contact Us

Leave our establishment gaping!

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