Dome (Level 9) mail warning

Looking for games with subs/brats.

Will not play/interact with (barely) empty profiles or profiles that only have one line on them. The same goes for profiles with overly sexualised profile pictures.

Quick info about me/the character I am playing:
24 y/o male, fit figure, short black hair and 183 cm (6 feet) tall. Able to speak English, German and Russian (last one not perfect)

I am into roleplay though I do not exclude other possible games as options. I enjoy building a story around the prompts given while keeping the roles and story in mind (thus also being able to alter the prompts a bit to fit better). For pure role plays that do not involve the given prompts erofights might be fine but after a lot of messages the site gets quite laggy (I am fine with that, however, it gets real annoying real fast).
My games usually take somewhere from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes (the longest game yet went for around 4 hours and it was a blast).

If you start with the roleplay without giving me even a chance to read your profile, set a plot/setting, and discuss what we are both looking for, I will quit without hesitation.

Usually, open for a lot of scenarios and play outside of EF (e.g. Discord). If you have any scenarios in mind feel free to hit me up. I can also come up with a bunch of scenarios if you wish me to.

My kinklist can be found here.
== Results from ==
98% Dominant
94% Sadist
94% Brat tamer
92% Degrader
87% Rigger
78% Owner
73% Master/Mistress

Wall of good girls (started this at some point, then forgot about it, now back to it):
- Owner of Omega.
- I used Lucinda as my personal toy.
- Had a great time together with Elisa. She wanted me to be her office fuck toy but I managed to blackmail her into being my lovely toy, not only in the office.
- Angel was my neighbour. Now she is my good girl. (Props to her, altho she was new to erofights I really enjoyed playing with her.)
- Amy challenged me twice and lost both times. She will need to live with the humiliating consequences. Those being her title of Slut and a public showing of her orgasms by date and amount of edges between orgasms.

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