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Which one of you is gonna be my new throne~?

Lesbienne / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Hi all, looking for some fun matches. I'm a switch although I lean...well it's a secret hehe. Either way be prepared for me to give it my all to make you submit to me~. I just love a good fight for dominance until someone finally breaks :P. Nothing more fun than riding some loser's face after I beat them. Or maybe just smothering them out for a win :P

That being said, I'm looking for some semi-detailed rp. I'm always free to chat though and eager to tease ya nerds :P Anywho If you're up for a match feel free to let me know and I'm sure we can have some fun together! Not really looking for pure subs though

Also always up for fun dice rules. Lemme know if you have any preferences with that stuff. I've seen some fun ones out there

Disclaimer: Cross gendered character

Misc facts

1x LWR champ~ 4 defenses before I lost it T__T

I'm not all that big, I'm like 5'4 and 125 lbs

Hit me with a smothering move and I might just melt a little lol. >///< hit me with enough and I definitely will. Feel free to try and find any other secret kinks XD

Hit me with the one or two finishers that hit my weakness and ya get an instant fail for the test on my end lol

Up for bets (no irl) or dice rules. Just ask~

And lemme know if ya want me to add your loss details to my profile~

Notable Matches

I completely overwhelmed Jaloe. She was the first fighter I actually dominated so bad that I got her to surrender mid match. Although when you're being smothered senseless while fingered mercilessly, i don't know what other choice you have~ Oh but I didn't accept that surrender and just kept riding her poor face until she couldn't take it anymore. Hehe I left her drowning in my juices while also covered in her own~

I totally dominated Dani. She's the first loser I actually smothered senseless~ After pinning her down and burying her under me, I had her surrendering to me in no time. She made a nice throne~

I had a rough title defense against Lavvy. It was probably the hardest match I'd fought. Both of use traded hot holds, each of us practically smothering the other out once and each of us fingering the other until we burst. But I managed to come out on top. This tough cookie tried her best to bury my face between her tits but in the end she became the second loser I smothered senseless underneath my perfect ass~. As she was struggling to fight back after that, I used these skilled fingers to draw moan after moan from her lips until she finally submitted to the pleasure~

I got totally dominated by Skyla. She held me up against the ring post and just fucked me into complete submission. I tried to fight back but despite a somewhat strong start I quickly melted. I was overwhelmed twice, cumming to both her skillful tongue and fingers until I was just left a mess in the corner. Skyla gained a new toy after that match. I might already be a bit addicted to her and can't wait to find myself in the ring with her again~


Ugh Serenity totally broke me xp now I have to have a stupid title for the next few matches

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