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I actually have a Bio only took 4 years lol

Bi / Switch

Okay been meaning to do this for awhile as Ive been on this site for nearly 4 years (wow time flies when your having so much fun hehe) and Ive never really had a bio to begin with.

About Me: Im 23 years old, 6’2 and 220 pounds of pure Sissy (hehe), IRL I definitely look like a cis male(that’s why my gender on the site reflects that) so just keep that in mind. I’m 99% a sub I only have switch applied so when I play I get different options and in case I’m feeling bratty or rarely in a dommy mood hehe. I don’t care what pronouns you use whatever your cool with is fine tho I prefer she/her cuz it turns me on more but it really doesn't matter ❤️. (I just want to put this aside Ive seen many people question or ask why my gender is male ultimately I don’t know but it feels more proper this way maybe I’ll change it but for now this feels more correct).

Game Modes Im interested in includes Classic, Femdom, Interactive and Love(never tried it but curious), RPing in chat, and primarily IRL stuff. Unfortunately Im not extremely interested in playing with men but you can always try and shoot you shot if your interested❤️. I will be honest throughout my time on the site personally I have had way more enjoyment playing around in chat (IRL and RP) then I have had in the specific game modes probably because I sub about 99% of the time and I'm bad at putting up a fight lolz but I am always willing to try something that includes doming but I have to be in the right mood 😈

Kinks(in no specific order of enjoyment): sissification, forced bi, cock, humiliation, Sph, hypno, chastity, feet, denial, censored/denial of nudity, bimbofication, edging, spit play, cuckhold, cei, face sitting/oral, body worship, Light CBT, stockings🤤, blackmail (Ill add stuff in time cuz Im sure I forgot stuff hehe)

Limits: Scat, Gore and really any extreme stuff.

And for people who made it to the end I love sending lewds of myself to people so if your interested in some sissy lewds let me know Ill most definitely send a pic 😉.

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