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Fast, Thorough, and Sharp as a Tack

Hetero / Switch

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26M, 6 foot tall living in the US.
Switch leaning sub

I'm open to any mode! My preference depends on my mood, but most often classic or the wrestling ring are what I'm interested in. Interactive can be a lot of fun with the right person at the right time, though. I'm open to friendly wagers on games, especially bets with light to medium IRL consequences once I've gotten to know someone a bit.
I aim to match my partner's style, leaning towards what I would consider a moderate amount of roleplay and description. I try to have enough to keep our minds running wild, but not so much it slows down the match. I'm typically not extremely rough, despite my enjoyment of TWR, but for the right person I can certainly be goaded to add a little spice.

Turn ons: Body worship, facesitting, titfucking

If you're interested, my DMs are open! I also don't mind a casual chat, especially about music. I enjoy finding new artists, so feel free to tell me what you like listening to! Alternatively, if you'd like to start things a bit spicier, tell me a hot story from your college years! I love hearing those.



Miss Lacey completely dominated my body and mind, forcing me to do over one hundred edges for her over the course of a few days before taking her rightful reward in the ring, smothering out all of my resistance with her perfect body and pussy before claiming my load and putting me in denial for a month.

Miss Alisha used her words and perfect body to melt me into a submissive stud, obeying her commands and addicted to her.

I challenged Tanya to a match in the ring, overconfident as I was, and she proved herself worthy of an amazing record. She effortlessly wore me down and defeated me with just one test! I was no match for her superior skill and body.

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