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A game of back and forth for control, winner takes just that, loser submits to their biddings!

Hetero / Switch

Owner and Creator of The Horizon Hotel

The C-collar: I will wear this collar until My superior Frikka takes it off. I am now a slave of Compound 14 Former Compound 14 Member, able to get free and haven't been caught since!

I am at 27 year old male, Are you ready to show me what you are made of? Hope you are not going to disappoint me and just fall straight down onto yours knees, at least make it interesting :P

I enjoy a mixture of the game and RP, so hitting me up for anything within that realm will work best with me. Let me know if you are interested in the dm's and im sure to try and accommodate where I can

Maybe a little help





Light bondage


STA Student

Looking forward to hearing and playing with you all soon, never know, you might just win! Or not!

Interested in hearing any ideas you may have yourself, feel free to slide into the DM's and let me know, not only will I enjoy hearing about them, you never know, might enjoy playing them out just as much!

Look forward to seeing you soon, who will get lucky, only time will tell.

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