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I am at 26 year old male, trying to win, but losing might feel just as sweet im sure. Lets see if you have what it takes to earn that right. I am not gunna lay down and just let you win, however cute you may think you are :P

I enjoy a mixture of the game and RP, so hitting me up for anything within that realm will work best with me. Let me know if you are interested in the dm's and im sure to try and accommodate where I can

After losing to Kendra, if someone plays any action with my ass, I have to roll a die. If I get a five or six I can play normally. anything else I must skip. Max five games or three wins, whichever comes first Matches 5/5 Wins 3/3

Looking forward to hearing and playing with you all soon, never know, you might just win!

Interested in hearing any ideas you may have yourself, feel free to slide into the DM's and let me know, not only will I enjoy hearing about them, you never know, might enjoy playing them out just as much!

Look forward to seeing you soon, who will get lucky, only time will tell.

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