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Main interests are wrestling and classic so hit me up!

26 year old turk here! Profile pic isn't me, but if you'd prefer irl me I'm cool with sending a pic

Still getting used to this website but always feel free to message me!

Just seeing Lauren in her competitive swimsuit immediately makes me hard and it becomes really obvious and embarrassing how tiny my cock is in my tight man panties. One time just the thought of her brushing her swimsuit covered ass on my pathetic manhood made me cum in my briefs. I challenged her to a wrestling match, but my cock was too little and useless to really do anything. She made me cum once and then just made me tap out over and over until I was her little bitch. I was so horny after being dominated that I wish I had a pussy so she could fuck me in a way that my cock could never fuck anyone. It would feel so good for her to strapon fuck my pussy to orgasm.

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