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Competitive games with f/t...

Hey, new to web teasing and sexfighting but loving it so far...
Enjoy playing competitive games fighting for dominance, very switchy tending to lean more towards dom on most occasions (apart from with Bente, who just won't submit). Although can be subdued by the right moves and situations.
Love using the hypnosis and bondage rules but flexible with how they are implemented. Prefer shorter role play within context of the game but sometimes longer messages work well if we both get involved.
Not big on irl modes but sometimes can be fun...

If you want fun competitive games then I hope to see you in matches soon... 😉

Rules :
Just another girl made me cum all over her so for bondage/hypno attacks on me I need to roll dice to get the number of turns for which I will remain bound/hypnotised. Only after those many turns can I start trying to break free. ~~
~~Krysten then made me her good boy, and now I have to roll a 6 to get out of hypnosis and bondage as well!

Win 4 games or 8 losses to remove the rule... 3/4 8/8
Celia made me explode with her perfect feet and glorious mouth, now everytime someone uses oral against me I have to tell them 'Celia does it better'... (5/5)

Memorable Games
Orsa challenged me to a quick competitive game before work, stupidly I accepted... She made me cum on her feet easily. Then she got help from Clarissa to make me cum from their feet again! Because I couldn't make Orsa cum, Clarissa made me take her dick and cum on my own face before eating all my own cum from their feet.
A game a long time coming, I challenged Bente to another match after making her submit. However, she had other ideas... The first game was a close affair, I made her cum from my cock before she pegged me hard. With it all in the balance she then locked up my cock and ruined me in a cage! She decided i needed sissy medical treatment to match how she made me cum. Stupidly, I ran my mouth and argued I wasn't a butt slut. We decided to rematch, after some typical back and forth bravado where she kept making me wear girls clothes I thought I was getting the upper hand fucking her... Surprisingly, she took my cock in her mouth but only as a ploy to fuck my ass. She used the toys and then made me cum on my own face! I tried to fight back but her skilled fingers found my prostate and before I could make her orgasm, I came again! This time she fed it to me and made me clean up before tagging me as her latex slave with her big strapon... Until next time!

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