Tianna (Level 6) mail warning

Ebony Goddess is waiting… can you get my attention?

Lesbian / Dom

What’s up all, it’s your girl Tianna! I grew in New York and learned that I was very good at sex early on. Most guys don’t ever stand a chance. I can be a badass bitch in bed. I throw this pussy down so hard that you’ll be begging me in seconds. Or I can drop to my knees and push you quickly into submission. To every cute Les/bi girl out there, I know what spots to hit. Too many of you wind up screaming for my tongue, fingers or my good strappy friend. You think you can beat me, well you better be that damn good. I will never fully submit in a match but I’ll respect the decision if you can beat me. I’m confident in my talents which is why I’m a strong dom.

Lately, I prefer to match with pink accounts. Had a few bad experiences with the blue ones. It’s not that I won’t play with a blue account, but I’ll seek you out. My DMs are open to all ladies and trans.

My Real Looks
I’m 5’5 and Black. I have nice DD tits and a great ass. I’m 25 and am a natural dom but occasionally some have gotten me to submit. I look pretty close to the model on my page

I prefer classic mode but will occasionally do Hentai. I’m not comfortable enough with the other modes yet. I do bets and hypno/bondage

If you lose to me, be ready to meet my best friend. My 11” BBC Strapon. Trust me, I’ll break you with it.

My favorite Strapon

How my matches usually end

Friends and Challenges
Troy - A RL friend of mine and the person who introduced me to this site. Love to tease him and he loves to talk shit back. I’ve sent out some people on a little challenge for him with the winner getting to have some fun with me. He needs to be drained completely. Anyone who drains him will always get a match with me (girls/males/trans).

You complete a challenge and you’ll be added to my profile.

  1. Alice has completed a challenge. She is a good girl and I’m looking forward to rewarding her! Alice has completed two challenges and is my favorite so far. I’m proud of her and she can ask me for a favor now and i will grant it.

More to come

Hard limits- anything toilet related. Extreme pain. Racial slurs- DO NOT USE THEM WITH ME!

Prefer classic and hentai matches with some trash talk. I’m open to the other modes but we need to talk about all of them first. Let’s see what you got.

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