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Hey. Since you took the time to click on my profile here's a slightly better look at me.
Both Sides

I'm a model by trade but I love wrestling and I've wanted to be a contestant for a long time. Finally I got the opportunity to do it and make some money thanks to a generous benefactor who wanted to remain anonymous.

The deal seemed a little shady but I'm sure it's all fine.

Here are some bonus pictures of me modeling:

On the Ground

Distant Stare

Banister Pose

2 Poses

Pose with Wolf


lean forward


arms up

succubus costume


Notable fights:
My pussy still hurts a little after my last fight. So many low blows against me. Even very early on he managed to get be good with a Cunt Bust. While I was still writhing in pain he put me in a figure four and started slapping my aching pussy. After struggling in vein I had to accept my fate and tap out. The ref made me take off my outfit and let him fuck my face. It wasn't long until the fight started again and shortly after that I was being choked and fingered. Unfortunately for me he knew how to use my clit and I came humiliatingly in the ring. Defeated, I fell to the floor. At this point he told me he was going to keep my outfit as a souvenir, shoes and all. Finally he gave me to the audience as a treat and they covered me in cum. When it was finally all over I went to the changing area dripping with cum only to find that benefactor who funded me. It was obvious why he paid so much to have me fight here now...

My first classic match was against Hector (Green's Believer. This was a humiliating match for me. He took my anal virginity and tied me up so my tits took most of my weight. When I refused to be submissive he poured hot wax on my tits and licked and pleasured me silly. When I still refused, he called someone over. The guy was wearing a hood but he had a hot iron in his hands and branded the letter "H" on my left ass cheek. It was super painful and I don't know if it'll ever fully heel. Around this point in my torture I may have said some things about his beloved Green and that I'm going to fuck her up in front of him. I did t think much of it at the time but then his hooded assistant made me cum hard with a vibrator while I was still tied up. Not long after he showed me he recorded the video of me saying that about Green. He said he was going to make me give her the tape and beg for her forgiveness. He continued to torture and pleasure me in various ways until I came to the vibrator on the clit again like before. When I was broken and defeated, he hung me up as a prize and fucked my ass. I was an anal virgin before the match but no I don't think I can say that anymore. He came in my ass hard after being so pent up for the rest of the match. Finally he reminded me I need to go and beg Green for forgiveness. I hope she's kind.

I was walking the streets of EF City and a bald guy approached me. He said a lot of nice words to me and offered to give me a cute purple collar that would match the color of my hair! What was his surprise when I promised to put this collar on him!) Hehehe. This became an occasion for a sex duel. At first I behaved boldly, tried to piss him off, but then I realized that it was my mistake. He attacked me like a beast and threw me on the bed, then took out his huge cock and started fucking my ass hard, all I could do was scream in pain and pleasure. Without letting me come to my senses, he tied me up. I was in a quandary and thought it couldn't get any worse but he opened the door and let a crowd of people in to look at me. A wave of shame swept over me, I was crushed in front of all these strangers. My only goal was to want to cum and show everyone what an obedient bitch I am. Demo continued to fuck all my holes until I cum twice, now I dreamed of becoming his property, his slave! After the fight, he promised that we would meet again, but he did not give me a wonderful purple collar. De Fucking my Ass

The benefactor sponsoring me wanted me in classic mode, I thought it'd be an easy match but I was so wrong. I started off fairly strong but suddently both my arms were grabbed from behind and I felt a foot on my back. I was stretched out and forced to suck my opponents cock by the other guy. Then that guy helped get me tied up for some tit whipping. It was very painful and my tits went bright red. When he released me I was dazed and in pain, he saw his oppertunity and went for it . I was screaming and about to cum when he ruined my orgasm with some hard pussy slaps. It wasn't long before he had me again, fucking me in a full nelson. My pussy was only more sensitive after being denied like that but just when I was about to cum I was denied again. I was out of energy, all I wanted was the orgasm I'd been denied twice. As punishment, he made me work the gloryholes in his business. He was the first up and he fucked my mouth and came in it eagerly now he finally had the chance. I sucked many of his patrons cocks and was covered in cum by the end of the night. After I finished working for him he made a Fleshlight using my pussy as the base. Now he could fuck me knowing I'd never get to orgasm. I've never felt so used.

After a follpw up match I lost again... This time I'm subjected to being in the glory wall as well as the glory holes. Everyone of my slutty holes is free use now. You're even allowed to cum inside them.
glory wall

After a defeat, Guy marked me and wrote "gloryhole slut" on my cheek.

Current bets:
After a match with Hector, I have an "H" branded on my left ass cheek.

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