CSB92 (Level 8) mail warning

You want to play a game: Send me a vibe, that i dont miss you: https://c.lovense-api.com/t2/4msja45z

Hetero / Switch

.: Current Topics :.

Since today I am the slave to Mistress Quinzel, she is now my only Mistress

.: About me :.

Languages: English/German
Role: mostly sub (but i like to see girls in chastity belt, doesnt matter if they are sub or dom ;-)

.: Remote Toys :.

Lovense Hush (Butt Plug)
Lovense Edge2 (Prostate Massager)
Lovense Diamo (Cock Ring)

Ask to control them ;-)

.: Profil Picture :.

You can see in my profil picture the toys i have (you can always ask me to send you a high resolution picture of it):
(From upper right to lower left)

Head harness with integrated ball-gag and blindfold
nipple suckers to put rubber rings around nipples
rope long red
rope short red silikon anal plug with weight inside
anal ball
vibrator with clit stimulator
Love balls purple
Love balls green
Love ball pink
nipple clamps with bells
nipple clamps
silicone anal plug with p-spot purple
silicone anal plug black with diamond blue (small sice)
metall anal plug silver with white diamond (small sice)
metall anla plug silver with heart purple diamond (middle sice)
silicone anal plug black with 3 balls
anal beads blue with 10 beads (30 cm long)
glass Anal plug with tail (big sice)
spreader bar
metal chain
dildo with suction cup
Blindfold (lockable)
chastity cage
chastity belt (full-belt/not on the picture, ask for it)
ball gag (not lockable)
ring gag (lockable)
dog collar (not lockable)
metal collar large sice (lockable with attachable O-Ring)
metal collar mid sice (lockable with attachable O-Ring)
metal collar small sice (lockable with attachable O-Ring)
latex collar (not lockable)

.: Diary :.
Quinzel did a great roleplay with me. She was an officer, who arrested me for 3 weeks till my final inquisition.
Therefore she put vibrating toys on and in me to break my mind. And what should I say: She succeeded with that.
It was one of my best games. Even after such a long time.

Miss Verona made me cum after 43 edges. It was a really fun game where she also controlled my hush plug and my diamo cockring. That made it hard for me. She also made me wear the spreader bar between my knees and my ball gag. After cumming she ordered me to wear my chastity cage until Friday noon. I hope i will meet her then again to play.

Trol made me cum only from edge2 and diamo. I really enjoyed her vibrations.

unlocked chastity

Domina Lucria played with me and send me into chastity for 3 days

cage time is over. Badly Miss Emma hasn't appeared for a game.

Miss Emma controlled my toys. In a short game she offered me to allow an orgasm in exchange for 5 days in my chastity cage.
What should i say. i have to wait till saturday now.

Goddess Maleena pushed me to a new record. She is now leader of the edges. She made me edge 69 times. Congratulation Goddess Maleena. To bad that i didnt managed to cum while i am caged. She wanted me to cum anal only and helped me with a prostata massager. But didnt worked. So she locked me away for the next 3 days. My blue balls aching since she locked me into my cage.

A new chastity belt arrived today. Ask me to show it to you.

Miss Lucria catched me in the queue and played with me again. After 3 ruinied orgasms and a lot of teases she locked me again in chastity for the whole weekend now.

Miss Lucria played with me again and made me her dog. After the game she decided to lock me into chastity for 2 days.

Miss Lucria played with me and let me slap my intimate area. Now I know that i don't really like that kind of hurtings. But it was fun to play with her. In the end she put me into chastity for free days.

Miss Trol controlled my Diamo first and then asked me to put the edge2 prostate massager in. Of course i did.
I thank her for the 2 hours she spend controlling me. It was real hot for me. I'm also thankful that she allowed me to cum afterwards.

I'm really happy that Erofight is working again.

Miss JJo made me her pet at work.
She teased me with my toy and let me please her to deny me.
So i have to be chaste until 24.022021 7 PM
Thank you for that, Miss JJo 😊

13.02.2021 3PM
I am now allowed to open my Cage. So a fight is possible again.

Cause of the status from 08.02.2021 i can't do a real play but i have a hush plug in me. so it would be exciting if one takes control. I would be pleased if i get a message then to know who took it.
https://c.lovense.com/c/ridshs (last generation of the link 23:00)
And don't forget im still caged.

Mistress Anastasia played with me. She gave me 55 edges. This is my new record of edges. As reward she made a gambling with an orgasm for me. I lost and so i have to stay in chastity until Saturday the 13th of February. If I play another game here. I'm not allowed to open my cage even if the other player allowes me to.

Special Thanks also to:
Miss JJo: Mistress Anastasia allowed her to give incentives.
Mark09: Mistress Anastasia let him choose a task for me.

Miss Sharon played with me. I am thankfull having been her first toy on here. She played with me over 70 rounds and made me here slave. She let me cum and locked me then for 2 days.

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