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双性恋 / Switch

The C-collar: You will wear this collar until your superior Frikka takes it off. You are now a slave of Compound 14

A waitress for Compound 14
I have to work my way out of the red cell confinement by being a waitress and sex slave in the bar situated close to the compound.
Everybody is invited to visit me and force edge after edge out of my horny body until I have collected 250 € tips for my services to buy my place in the green cell.
(I have to open public bot matches and rp my work at the bar. During the rp I have to edge as much as i can and every customer is allowed to interact and give tips for sex and edges [1-4 €, give nothing, just have fun teasing and playing along.].
I am denied until the end of each shift. Who would pay tips for a sloppy waitress, right?)
Money collected so far: 65/250 €

Welcome to my profile, New here and am looking forward to meeting you all. Hopefully hear from you all soon. I look forward to any matches available too me, either Classic or Wrestling matches, both sound interesting too me.

Don't think that I will make it easy for you, You will have to win yourself, to enjoy me properly, I look forward to seeing you trying to do just that :P

After losing to Michael, I have to cum immediately from any oral cum test for your next 5 games Games 5/5
for the next 5 games, whenever I cum, I must skip My next 2 turns~ (Games 5-5)
After losing to Cammy, I have to cum when a cum test shows that I am in bondage.... until I have cum 5 times. 5-5
After Losing to Tiffany, everytime I am fucked from behind, I will tell my opponent how much I liked it and skip my next turn. 0-7 Wins

Look forward to hearing from you all soon, please come say hello.

Maestra Veronica

What else is there to say about V. She is a wonderful person who makes me so extremely happy whenever I see her message coming through, it puts as smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach. She knows how to be loving and caring all whilst making you feel pleasure and who is in control all in one go. I am so thankful to be with you here being able to rp with you as much as we can, its a pleasure and I love every moment of it, so thank you sweetheart.
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Mistress Belle

Belle was someone who challenged me to a match. As someone who is a wrestler, she showed me that she was true to her word, and tired and ached my body into her grasp, where she decided that her fingers would work just perfectly to leave me a complete mess on the mat. She lived up to her billing as Mistress Belle, and finished me off with her strapon to prove that I was beneath her and truly unworthy of her. She turned me into a good little girl, someone who craved and needed her attention, and fall at her knees. So thank you Mistress Belle, for allowing me the opportunity to cum at your work, and to lose to such a wonderful wrestler, who can tie me up in a seconds notice, just by holding me helplessly with her body until my body could take no more.

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