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⁓ Please read before joining! ⁓

Lesbian / Sub

(Not starting any new conversations until after Christmas)

On and off during Christmas break, staying at a hotel so my activity will be super sporadic!

Quick Bullet Points for those who understandably don't wanna go through it all.
IRL Focused (New RP paused until current scenarios are done!)
Genuinely Transgender (She/Her)
No Genital Name Preferences
2-3 Years EFs Experience
Communication Heavy
High Energy
Mid Twenties
5.2ft, 50-60kgs
7.9 Inches, B-Cup Breasts
20+ Toys
YES - Edging, Orgasm Control, CBT, Humiliation ect...
NO - Public Games, Serious Harm, Gross Activities ect...

˗ˏˋ ★ Welcome! Nice to see you all! ★ ˎˊ˗

My internet name is Rei! I'm currently in my mid twenties and that Transgender tag above is 100% correct! I started my transition in-between 18-19 years old so I've come along way within that time and thankfully my body has reacted extremely well to all the medicine/changes and more importantly the addition of a few minor surgeries. I wanted to disclose this because I see many accounts on EFs using the Trans tag for fetish or RP reasons and that's completely chill I just wanted to make it clear that I'm the real deal!⁓

My pronouns are super simple just She/Her! Sometimes I like the thrill of adding a picture of myself as my PFP but they don't stick around for very long so in-case you haven't managed to catch one of those yet I'm super short at 5'2ft and weigh approximately 50-60kgs, I'm an active runner and visit the gym twice weekly so I have a slim but toned body along with brown eyes and shoulder-blade length brown hair which sometimes is dyed anywhere from black/silver/white.

I used to keep the lewd aspects of myself a secret until we get to know each-other but it's been much easier recently to just to lay it on the table so you know straight away what you're working with! My breasts are natural B-Cup, my butt is considered by IRL friends as "impressive" and to round it all off I'm packing a decently above average cock~

I've been playing on EroFights for close to 3 years now and across all that time it's been obvious that some people really struggle to play with Transgender accounts because they're nervous about accidentally offending someone but the way I see it is you can call whatever part of my body whatever you're used to so if you use "Cock" or "Dick" for example go for it! I promise you that there's absolutely no chance of offending me with anything like that!

I thrive within high energy, high spirit conversations and games, I'm not one for silent matches or people who are just here to play the actual "game" making friendships and stories is exactly what I'm looking to achieve and if that means I have to sit in queue for an additional amount of time to meet someone with who shares that same goal I'm all about it!

Thanks to anyone that's starred me! It would be really nice to meet some of you because majority of them come out of nowhere!

The Giant Roleplay Elephant in the Room!

This chart is entirely RP only, I'm okay with doing some more "sketchy" topics solely because it's not actually real.

My RP taste is completely blank as of now, no real experience means no real preferences so you'll be working with a totally blank slate that also happens to be extremely open to anything! If you're looking for a flexible doll to fuck into oblivion I'm game but if you're looking for that doll to do some fucking of her own I'm more than capable of giving you that too ~

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Major Kinks!
• Edging •

There's nothing like entering that deep state of mind in-which you can feel yourself slowly lose control the more you allow your mind to sink ~

• Ruined Orgasms •

Once upon-a-time these were the bane of my existence but after many rounds of torture my soft spot for Ruins was slowly exposed!

• Orgasm Control •

Occasionally it's nice to feel hopeless especially if I'm comfortable enough to entirely trust my partner ~

• CBT •

I'm so flip-floppy on this topic because one day I love it and the next day I'm shattered after a couple light slaps.

• Spanking •

The sweet stinging that comes from a whole barrage of spanks always feels so nice afterwards as the feeling lingers.

• Humiliation •

You could swap this out for bullying too, something about it turns me on so easily (only if it's done right!)

• Pet-Play/Names •

This is usually on the sweeter side and develops naturally, it's often an untouched kink.

Miscellaneous Kinks!

• Domming •
Although reading through my profile I might seem super submissive I do sometimes enjoy domming on the odd occasion, it doesn't matter the gender I'm obviously a bit more experienced with cocks since y'know but practice is practice so let me know! Also please be aware that I'm more often than not super submissive so I won't accept any actual subs other than just one-off sessions and I'll only be looking for Hentai JOI games.

• Surprises •
A drastic change of tone within a game or a mystery ending, order or task, those are types of scenarios that get my heart beating ~

• Tasks •
I find myself with so much free-time that I'm always open for tasks but I only ask that there's open communication if you do decide to give me one!

• Real or Fake Countdowns •
It's for the mindfuck, pushing me deeper into a mushy state and taking advantage by fucking with my head :3

• Sweet or Cruel Dommes •
If you're able to flop between the two that's even better! The more extreme you become on either side of the coin I'm all game!

• After-Care •
Due to my terrible scheduling and time-zone this is often a very hard aspect to nail down because things move very quickly but if the session becomes heated after-care allows both of us to come down into a more friendly/happy state!

• Exploration! •
It's impossible for me to note down everything that I'm into but just know this list goes on and on and on so don't be shy to throw things at the wall to see what sticks! <3


Basic Cock-rings
Various Shoelaces
Basic Red-Ball Gag
Basic Clothing Pegs
Basic Rubber-Bands
Door and Wall Mirrors
6 Inch Dildo
Wand Vibrator
Spanking Paddle
Stainless Steel Ruler
Riley Reid Quickshot
Chastity Cage 1 & Chastity Cage 2
Fleshlights Kenzie Reeves & Riley Reid

(This list is permanently changing, I don't always have access to everything all the time)


• Liars & Time-Wasters •
The attitude displayed by so many people recently has made it impossible to trust people early on so I had to walk back my good faith outlook to a more jaded and hesitant approach especially when dealing with (NEW) Domme accounts because most of them pop-up for a few days to break the world record for leading the most amount of people on and then run back to whatever cave they crawled out from. It doesn't matter how good you are at sweet-talking if you don't have some type of game history I'm not interested, it's all about respecting yourself and your time. Clearly there's dozens of people here who don't care about being rude so eventually you have to feel comfortable pushing back on them.

• RP & JOI Mixing •
Whenever someone starts exclusively roleplaying in JOI games the mood kinda dies down quickly, it's just easier to keep them seperated into their respected game-modes!.

• Serious Harm •
Should be obvious but I'll never do anything that will result in bruises or blood being drawn.

• Bodily Fluids •
Toilet play also falls under this category just avoid anything that is commonly seen as disgusting.

• Photos •
It's an extremely personal thing that I don't quite have down just yet, I'll extremely rarely use them as my PFPs but it's unlikely I'll ever send something directly.

• Outdoor Play 50/50 •
Depending on the Domme this can either be incredibly messy or very fun, Lady N is an example of someone who knows how to make the experience enjoyable as the limits were clearly drawn and talked out before even thinking about leaving my home.

Special People!

Sera has been such a shining star throughout all my time on EFs, she's been so overwhelmingly generous with me and is the sole reason as to why I was able to stick out my initial burn out phase of EFs. without her warm embrace and stern personality I may have jumped ship too early and missed out on such a incredible friend and opportunity 💕 Time might actively fight against us getting to have our old fun but just getting to chat is enough to put a long-standing smile on my face ~

Lily, When I had first joined EFs it was very lonely and hard to figure out what this place was, I had known loosely that people Roleplayed but I had no idea about the IRL side of the site and I was just very very vanilla in every aspect, didn't know what edging was nor did I know anything about denial but after meeting Lily I immediately felt a strong connection as she so kindly took me underneath her wing and introduced me to the site and all the special kinks that follow! Although she might be on a extended break I really do hope that one day I'll see her name pop up again in some capacity 💛

Huhu is easily the most natural domme I have had the pleasure of running into, every single action or message appears to have their own layers and traps to snag you into a very harsh repeating punishment till you've completely learned your lesson but once you pass the initial "test" you're in for the a very tough challenge with the hardest task being keeping yourself together! I've been lucky enough to win the queue jackpot twice by having her intimidating but caring personality fill my mind and I always leave the game entirely fried both mentally and physically. Huhu is a super sweet person who shows a massive level of respect and care in and out of game 💛

Arlyne, I had never expected to meet someone so into exhibition but on-top of that being so comfortable with showing off in absolutely anyway that my lewd mind can come up with, it's honestly like having my own personal doll and it's so intensely exhilarating. Another fun person muddled up in time-zone land... Hopefully we'll be able to get into some more adventurous fun together soon! 💛

˗ˏˋ ★ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋꜱ ꜰᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ! <3 ★ ˎˊ˗

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