Valentina (Level 7) mail warning

I want to show you how good it feels when I am in control... 🖤

Bi / Switch

Hello and welcome, I am Valentina 💃
Before sending me a message, read this please 👇

I am getting too many low effort messages so I feel like I have to put this here: not interested in empty profiles, low level profiles, one line messages, way too intense first messages, etc... Sorry but I probably won't respond if that is you. ❌

I don't feel like I have anything to prove so don't challenge me to "see who is the best", I probably won't be interested. ❌

I most likely won't agree to a game if we have not met before. The best place to meet me is in public games. ✅

A bit more about me:

I am a switch, but I tend to lean toward soft-dom with guys and slightly more sub with girls. Not always though 🤭

Kink-wise I like to try things, experiment, and see what turns me on. Open to rules and bets in game, IRL exceptionally. I also do enjoy RP games, where actions are picked to fit the session rather than score points. 💦

If you find me spectating, it is safe to assume I am horny and more likely to be open for a game 😏

I also enjoy chatting if you are nice and respectful ✅

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Some gifs I currently enjoy as a reward for reading so far 💋
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