Cleo, a Blank Girl (Level 11) mail warning


After losing in utter defeat to Bianca she made me her cumdump again.


  1. Starting now, I'm denied... and I have to play every match with a dildo and a butt plug inside me.
    Every time my opponent does an anal move, I can start riding them to the pace of the gif for at most one minute.

  2. I'm a pathetic little whore who needs to be reminded of her place. Anytime my partner or an audience member uses one of the following words, I have to slap the corresponding body part: "Cock Socket" - Face, "Cunt" - cunt, "Udders" - both tits, "Whore" - ass.

  3. Any time I suck cock, it's like a hypnosis trance, and I have to roll for it. 5-6 means I’m free, otherwise I have to skip and roll again next turn.

  4. I secretly love being tied up and utterly helpless. Whenever my partner has me in bondage they get to choose your action for me until I roll a 5 or 6 or they decide to set me free. When choosing, they may force me to redraw my actions up to 3 times during a match if they don't like those on offer.

  5. When hypnosis is applied to me, I can only get out of it by rolling a 6, not a 5 or 6.

  6. Every time I get -spanked- in action I have to roll a dice. If I roll a 1 or 2, I have to skip my next turn.

  7. If my opponent outnumbers me (uses a threesome move), I have to masturbate... in whatever way I can, until I edge

  8. I have to edge for every unit of Cum Overdrive I am given

  9. Cumslut: Once per match, each audience member can roleplay stroking and cumming on me in the game. For every load I get, I have to skip a turn and thank them and beg for more.

  10. Tentacle addict: every time my opponent plays a tentacle action, I have to fill all of my holes, mouth, ass, pussy, with dildos and fuck them hard until I edge. I can only cum if I’m thrown into the tentacle pit.

  11. A little extra for hypno...if I stay under your spell for 5 turns straight, every time you use a move with 2 or more CO (cum overdrive) I skip a turn equal to half of it. The effects remain until I cum~
    2 CO=1 turn,
    3 CO=1 turn,
    4 CO=2 turns.
    This remains even after I break it, since my mind has gotten used to the feeling of being under the spell~

Any game I play I have to bet a rule, if I lose my opponent is allowed to add one. But if I win I can remove the last rule added.

Permanent Rules

After being dominated by Bianca multiple times she made me into one of her permanent cum dumps, giving me permanent rules to follow:

  1. I will start in bondage from now on and must roll a 6 to escape!

  2. I’m forced to cum on any cumtest if my pleasure meter is higher than 75.

  3. Anytime I am being fucked, I must skip my turn and thank my opponent.

Body Change

— tattoo right above my bellybutton saying "mommy Jaqueline's toy"
— My ass gets noticably bigger, and has a hypnotic effect on opponents when you shake it
— horns - when I'm being fucked from behind, my opponent grabs hold of my horns to better dominate me. I can only use energy recovery moves for 3 turns everytime I get fucked from behind


My former milking slave and now master Winston tricked me and forced me back into submission releasing my old bimbo self. By breeding me with his enhanced load he overwhelmed my mind and reversed my transformation. I am now his bimbo slave, obeying his every command.

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