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Hi everyone! I'm Brooklyn, from the USA. I am 24, and after lurking for some time, I finally made a profile a little while back. I think I got the hang of this place, though the mini-games I am still learning.

Some more about me:
I am 5'4" (160cm) and ~125lbs (56kg)
Naturally brown hair, though I usually am dyed blonde & brown eyes
I have soft natural boobs/tits, and a little booty that jiggles in my work leggings

I have a wild streak, but can also be a quiet mouse. I am never really sure which I am (bipolar maybe? Hehe)
I enjoy banter, and "talking shit" during most matches though, so if I am in your match, or you're in mine, please feel free to speak up.

I am a fan of most of the modes here, but I am really not a fan of only subs, I always try to win, you should too.

I will be doing a kinklist and other links soon. ---Edit, so I initally could not find the normal kinklist, however, I did find a .pdf that I did a quick check the box on if you'd like to check it out here --- Honestly, it did not come out the way I would have liked it to, but i spent a good amount of time on it, so I am not deleting it. ---

If there is anything I missed, reach out and ask! I don't bite 😋

Talk to you soon!

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