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Hetero / Sub

Hi, i'm Tim,

I'm 23 year Dutch submissive/boytoy/slave and I am looking for girls to dominate and own me(also IRL if we hit it off).

I enjoy almost all fetishes and I'm willing to try most things in life. Here is a small list for what I enjoy:
Fantasies: (long term)chastity, feminization, sissyfication, whoring out, gooning, gimp, team-up
Favorite kinks: CBT, Humiliation, name calling, SPH(small penis humiliation), chastity, tease and denial, Servitude, orgasm control, uninterested, pegging
Kinks: feet, censorship, milking, bondage, latex, anal, spanking, Hypnosis
Situational: cuckolding, race-play
Limits: permanent damage, forced bi, tattoo's

I enjoy most games but I have a preference for classic, hentai and the joi game modes. It doesn't matter if the games are competitive or more of an RP session.

If you want to play a game with me I am always open for one just sent me a message, my DM's are always open.

My journey:


I got violated and blackmailed by miss Violette she found me masturbating in a female uniform and took a video of me. She threatened to release the video if I wouldn't do what she said. And after serving her a little she said I had to do multiple tasks for her and that she would visit my room. This is where I made her homework and cooked her food. She found about my BDSM closet and made me wear a French maid uniform. After pegging me for a little she made me cum and locked me up in a chastity cage.

A few days later I visited her room unannounced which made her angry but she let me in. I was a few days in chastity and I was getting frustrated. She said to wear the maid costume again and clean her room while she showered. She asked what I thought of her and I told her "I have a crush on you". She told me that I was "weak and pathetic" but I had my uses. So she wanted to turn me into her sissymaid. She told me that I would be a virgin forever and would only get my ass virginity taken. She gave me a footjob orgasm and shortly after that another footjob orgasm. I was exhausted and she locked me up back in chastity. She made me realize that I am her sissy slut.


I got turned into a foot addicted slave by mistress Jennie. I found her showing her bare feet to me and shortly after she hypnotized me to turn me into a sissy. She maid me tell her that I wanted to be a girl and that my dick should be ignored. After that she showed her big futa cock and made me suck it. What soon followed was her playing with my dick and using hers to violate me. She gave me a handjob while rimming me and I came. After that she continued to fuck me and gave me an toejob where I came again. I was feeling weak and still horny because she was ruining my orgasms. She called me a "so useless for fucking, but good for teasing". Which turned me on so much that I started fucking her which also made her cum. But she told me it was not so good and that I had a small clit. She showed me how easy it was to make me cum and she gave me a quick handjob. Which of course made me cum. After that I was too weak willed to do anything and she turned me into her own foot slave.


Mistress Isabella and I started off pretty soft. We were kissing and making love to each other until out of nowhere she started kicking my balls until I started screaming. She turned out to be an pretty sadistic mistress who had it out for me. And even started ordering me around IRL. And how could I refuse such an beautiful mistress. She started edging me and ordered me not to cum without permission. I did not know that this also meant in game. And after my game over I was severely punished for cumming in game. She made sure to make it hell for the next few hours. She would make me cum 4 times in total and I was edged many more times. After the game I was so exhausted that I was happy that she ordered me to lock my dick in chastity

Queen Jenna

Mistress Jenna quickly hypnotized me with her giant boobs early into the game. In the early game she was very nice to me and expressing that I was a good boy that should cum. But that quickly changed after she hypnotized me to say that I wanted to be her slave. She called me her sex toy and I was under her spell. She called me and my dick cute and started stroking and denying it. I wanted to cum so bad that I thought I was going insane. After that I found out that mistress was a futa and packing a lot more then me, turning me automatically into the permanent bottom. She stroked me a little bit with an tail and I started cumming quickly. After that she started fucking herself with a big dildo. Much bigger then my small dick. She was laughing that it made me jealous. After that she started to fuck my ass hard and quickly until I was begging and screaming for mercy. She gave me a break and expressed the idea of locking me in chastity. The idea turned me on and I came again. She collared me after and told me I was going to be her new plaything


For a longer time now Mistress Tsubaki has been turning me into her perfect slave. The first time we saw each other, she turned me into her slave, but also gave me the honor of impregnating her with my dick. The second time we met, I had forgotten about her encounter, but she quickly reminded me and locked me in chastity as punishment. After dominating me and making me remember about our previous time she stated that she would like for me to fuck her. Because it was kinda cute how pathetic I was, so she wanted to be impregnated again by me. After many other meetings she said she wanted to turn me into her hubby. I couldn't resist such an offer and I quickly kissed her. But she had something special in mind for consumating our marriage. With a quick flash of her magic I was turned into a girl and she grew a giant penis. She would be the consumating our marriage. After this she became even more dominant and is hellbent in owning me for herself. Atleast she turned me back into a man.


Drushta and me met on an elevator, she was giving me glares. When suddenly the elevator broke down. I thought it would be nice to make some small talk with her. When suddenly she said she wanted to fuck me. I was shocked from what I was hearing, but it was already to late. She pushed me against the wall and start to stroke my growing dick. She made fun of how small it was when she suddenly felt a buttplug in my ass. It was then over for me, because she quickly showed she had a giant dick which she would use on me for the next hour. I tried to resist her but she was so much stronger then me and she put her whole weight on me while pounding on me with her dick. After a long time fucking I came from being fucked, but she didn't stop there. She wanted to turn me into her sissy cumdump slut. So she started fucking me further until I came again from a sissygasm. After that she said to search her up again and she locked me in chastity and walked away.

Lady Diana

Lady Diana jumped straight into what she wanted. She was famous for being the champion of the classic gamemode and she knew that. I was star-struck when I matched with her. She started kind of as a nice dom. Calling me a cute puppy, but quickly she threw me on the bed and started to put me in bondage and started to torture my nipples. She said she would punish me if I misbehaves. So she ordered for me to wear a skirt. I obeyed but also quickly removed it again, so she started to kick me in the balls. After that she saw how small my dick was for her so she said she would do all the fucking and quickly started to peg me. After that I begged her to make me cum. She counted me down and I had my orgasmed ruined while she crushed my balls. After that I was quickly collared, caged and tortured further. After another long and painful torture session she said she wanted to "make you cum in a beautiful way". So she grabbed a hammer and started to hit my balls under which I came the most painfull orgasm ever. I was crying and moaning on the floor when she claimed me as her slave. Digging her nails in my back and scratching her mark in me and left me to suffer in my cum.

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