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双性恋 / Switch

(Please don’t have a blank profile and please take a moment to read over mine before joining me in a match)

My name is Lilliana. For years I had been hunting all things demon and creepy until I finally found the demon lord. I thought I had the drop on it but at the last moment it was able to save itself by transferring part of it to me in the form of a demonic lizard tattoo on my back. It’s head on my right shoulder, fangs pressing into my flesh, their venom oozing into me. It’s forked tongue reaching out over my shoulder down toward my right nipple almost piercing it. It’s right front foot reaching under my right arm cupping my breast, its left front foot holding onto my shoulder. It’s left back leg holds onto my hip while its right grips my ass cheek, spreading them, and its tail to curling around my left leg restraining it, making it hard to not spread my legs. I can feel it getting stronger every time I am defeated, it slowly growing bigger, I swear I can feel its drool dripping down my back, it’s large member growing, pressing against my lower back, hard, as it urges me to let go and give into its power, let my perversions take over.

Every battle either increases or decreases my corruption, the higher it gets the more submissive I become.

Corruption: 8

The Rules:

If i roll a 1 trying to escape hypno, my opponent can command me to automatically skip against a certain action for the rest of the game.

If I am choked a wave of submission rolls over me and I need to roll a 5+ to resist skipping a turn.

I must roll a 5+ for any action that makes me crawl at my opponents feet or skip one turn for each failed roll as I struggle to resist accepting my place. (So if I fail a second time I have to skip two turns, and so on)

Anytime i am pinned i need to roll a 5 or higher to escape.

(Not opposed to some permanent things like tattoos or piercings, no names though, depending on if it is a good rp scene)

Some rules i like:

If a bondage/hypno move is thrown i like using dice to break it, higher than a 5 breaks it, otherwise skip the turn if its not broken.

If someone is collared, both roll a d6. If the collared person loses their opponent can order them to skip a turn up to three times.

If a body part is restricted, gag/blindfold/chastity, then a roll is needed to use that part.

(Looking for role play only, no irl, though some edging never hurt anyone. My limits are no toilet play, age play, pregnancy, including lactation and milking, family stuff, including calling people mommy or daddy. I love things rough and kinky like painal and rough facefucking, and will try to beat my opponent, but am not looking for a one sided fight. Please, I do not want to play with any subs that just want me to dominate them and not try to win. Though after a fight there can be all kinds of one sided fun, hint hint, wink wink!)

(This is a cross gender character, the real me has man parts, though small.)

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