Narmer The "Titan" Sunderer (Niveau 7) mail warning

Orc Chief of the Malbogle tribe

Hétéro / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

RP, Wrestling, Hentai, Classic or IRL.
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Orcs were always viewed as a savage, primitive and lowly race.
Many truly were, and lived such lives, as if their only goal in life was to solidify that opinion.

The tribe of Duviir was different. Born on a lush world, among one of the first to be made by the Eru, they had no need for much bloodshed.
Rising instead in science and religion, their understanding of the world around them became second to none.
Despite their calm nature, they were still fierce warriors in time of need, however such times were almost none existent during their golden age.
But like every other golden age, this one too, had it's end.

An excelling scholar, Narmer became one of billion unwilling soldiers, fighting on the front lines when the Abyss tore through the veil.
Colonies of Duviir were swallowed up in an instant, planets torn apart until nothing remained. Narmer never thought such a horror could exist.
They fought the slow advancement of the Abyss, the abominations it sent forth to toy with them. World by world fell, until nothing but the homeworld of the Duviir remained.
Despair fell over the survivors. In their darkest time, salvation had come. The deity the Orcs had worshiped for millennia descended on the barren world, pushing back the Abyss.
Reinvigorated and with a new hope, the Orcs once more joined the fray.
The Deity fell, and the Duviir were once more left to their own devices. Arming him self with the weapon of the fallen god, Narmer and his comrades made a last stand.
None survived.

By the grace of the holy weapon, Narmer was remade, and summoned before the Eru it self.
With the title of Sunderer, the Orc was ascended and now watches over other Orc tribes, serving as their champion against the same horrors who robbed him of his world.

Over time, Narmer met two others Ascended by the Eru for a similar purpose as him, and banded together with them.

After spending some time in the strange world governed by sex rather than power and money, Narmer was chosen as the Chieftain of the Malbogle Tribe and reluctantly accepted, taking upon himself to try and elevate those Orcs past their primitive state.


-True Gaze: Can see through disguises and illusions.
-Steel Hyde: Is tougher than conventional melee and ranged weapons.
-Scholar: Can use a variety of magic.
-Ascended: Capable of combat and dispatching High ranking demons and even Abyss Corrupted.
-Trinity "Sunderer": One of three Ascended.



-Sunder: Any restrictions placed upon Narmer are halved.
-Scholar: Is immune to hypnosis.
-Remade: Once defeated, Narmer and his opponent agree on a coin side, if the coin flips on the agreed side Narmer rises again with a full health bar.


-Ascended: Unable to deliver the finishing blow to angelic beings and deities. (weakness overruled if Remade has been activated).
-Hate for the Abyss: Narmer loathes tentacles, and will always skip 1 turn to dispatch them whenever they are used against him (if restrained by tentacles, will skip 1 extra turn after breaking free).
-Fair fight: In a wrestling match, Narmer discards his Ascended attributes losing all his "Strengths" except for "Remade" during the match.


( Challenging me for the Titan title now open)
Mark of Trinity: Sunder
If defeated, Narmer grants the opponent his Ability "Sunder" as a buff for future matches against others, and can no longer use it him self.
The winner of this title can use it as a betting token to pass it down to whoever defeats them next.

Narmer cannot reclaim this ability once lost.

Sunder ability takes form of the divine Axe Narmer has.

Title: 'Titan'
Sasha Panthers title, obtained by defeating Jeanne, it's previous holder.

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