Shade (Level 6) mail warning

Enjoys both profile bets and IRL bets. *I always play high-stakes*

Hi everyone, Shade here! I may look like just your typical gamer/cyber boy but don't underestimate me 😃 . I don't mind being submissive, but you're gonna have to prove to me that you can handle me, I ain't just gonna roll over for any girl that wants me too. If you want to tame me, beware the consequences as I won't hesitate to dominate you and make you beg for more hehe...😜

I'm also up for any bets that you girls want, except those that involve pain and hardcore BDSM. Feel free to message me for a game when I'm online and prepare to either dominate me or to submit to my will. I'm young, but that won't stop me from making some of you girls my personal slaves.😏

Cum prepared if you ever wish to tame me. 😎

My girls:
It was a close match, but after being tied down by me, poor Katie got fucked senseless and came like a fountain. Thinking she might win against me, she foolishly bet her freedom and her name to me. She's is now collared and shall always be referred to as my "Kinky Katie".

She thought she could tame me, she was wrong. Now, she's my "Dommed Dom Chloe". After a few months of not meeting each other, she forgot her place and even dared to call me "boy" the nerve of her. I put her back into her place by making her cum twice, one after another. As punishment for her rebelliousness, whenever I call her by the name I give her, she must skip a turn. If she ever wishes her freedom, she'll have to win it back from me. But based on previous experiences, I doubt that would ever happen... hehe

Catherine the Great
She came twice in rapid succession after being utterly dominated by me. In recognition with how fast she lost, I have given her the nickname "Catherine the Quick". She's my obedient slave now, and every time I call her by her nickname, I'll get to pick her next action.

Sissy Scarlett
She lost a match to me and had to pay the price. She's now my "Little Horny Scarlett" and has been collared by me.

Little Kink
She couldn't resist my dominance and submitted to me. She now belongs to me and has a collar saying "Shade's Little Tease-toy" on her neck.

She lost to me so quickly, I didn't even bother giving her a collar.... 😂

Defeated before by:
I was foolish and arrogant, having won the first match against Mel, I got cocky and offered her a double or nothing rematch. She won the second round, yet I was unwilling to accept defeat and we went for a third round as a tiebreaker, with IRL rules for both of us. She had to play the entire game with her vibrator in her pussy on the lowest setting while I had to edge every time an oral action was played. If any of us were to cum, we would forfeit the match.

Mel took full advantage of my already leaking cock by intentionally picking every single oral action she could find. It was too much for me, in the end. After multiple attempts to keep myself from cumming, I couldn't control myself any longer and a dribble of cum leaked out. I had lost.

Now, I am nothing more than a plaything for Mel, she even sent me a video for me to get off to as one of the penalties (I had to jerk off to a video training me to be more of an Alpha male so that I would be more of a challenge to her next time we meet, the nerve of her to humiliate me like this!) but I swear, one day I shall earn my freedom and make her mine!

Bets with Mel
1) To Be Appreciative- For the next 5 games you have to thank your opponent whenever they suck your cock (0/5)
2) MUST EDGE!- For the next 5 games if you cum in-game you must edge IRL (0/5)

Alicia: A close fight, but Alicia had the upper hand in terms of luck and I came first... I loathe to admit defeat, but I will get her back for ruining my perfect record...eventually...
Laura: I Thought I was ready to take on a bad bitch but I wasn't. Laura beat and collared my loser ass... but I'll get her back one day!

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