Quinzel 💕 (Transgender) (Level 8) mail warning

🧡 Somos Iconic con sólo un beso me desnudas automático 💋

Lesbian / Switch

Holis amores✨, here Kerry, or better you can call me🔥Quinzel💕

Oh, do you like neck kisses?😏 nice... cause I love them a lot 💋

I love to play irl, it's very exciting and watching your opponent/partner struggle to hold the orgasm is wonderful and makes me so horny
That's why I've got my secret weapon always ready and pointing at you 💋

I can speak Spanish or English, so tell me the language in which you want me to speak or if you just want to learn anything in Spanish, let me know ;)

Careful or you'll get trapped by my eyes

If you are hesitating about writing to me, don't be shy, I don't bite at all :p, I'm always open to any kind of games or ideas, and of course I love to try new experiences. Or even if you just want to write me to talk or know each other better, don't doubt and do it honey😘
Also if you're still doubting, please take a fast look, I'm truly sure you'd find something interesting😏🤭

Thank you very much Becky The Piece of Pure Gold💙 for this custom necklace, I really appreciate this beautiful gift from such a wonderful creature✨, it also matches my blue bikini hihi👄. Just on the back of the necklace you can see the initials Q&B marked in gold 100% wealth💛 reflecting Becky's light through.

It depends on my mood, I'll be more dom or more sub, but usually you'll see me in a dominant mode, but if you hit my sensitive spots, I'll fall into your arms submitting. I also like a good rp with some dirty talk and when the actions make sense with the situation is even better so I'll pick the best action for every time. Almost forgot hehe, you have to know baby that I have a playful sexy cock who is so frustrated and needed of tease and sex. It is my most powerful weapon and my biggest weakness, so the rest is up to you. 🤭

Do you know what Trafalgar Law is?, oh me neither, will there come a day when we discover it or will it remain a mystery forever?

Mmm, I think that pretty body is needed... Of some Oil!, let me cover it or cover mine with it so then we can shine brigh and make ourselves slide and rubbing each other 🤤

wow, can you let me see that sweet tongue of yours? I just want to give it a quick suck :p

I've just discovered that I really enjoy some armpit fetish and tickling fetish🤭, it really drives me crazy and horny💕, apart stay tied feeling defenseless makes me so horny, and when someone teases me or I tease them is simply amazing.
Prepare your sensitive spots cause I'm gonna play with them, no matter if it's a cock, a pussy, any hole, I'll do whatever is necessary to make you cum baby, don't complain, you all end up loving it

Oh, and for sure you'd better tie me up or I won't stop messing up wherever I go, and if you already make me cum you'll calm me down, but just a little bit, don't be so confident🤭😝

Sorry if I cannot answer everyone pretty early, often I have so many messages and I do my best😘

Cannot strip your opponent's clothes til I get totally naked (3/3)💕

wc Is lesbian
autorenew Is a switch
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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Dildo vibrator, Wand vibrator, Nipple clamps, Fleshlight, Collar, Rope


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