Lacia (Temporary Retirement) (Transgender) (Level 5) mail warning

(Retiring indefinitely) Drain my futa dick with your pussy and fuck me until you knock me out~

Lesbian / Sub

Subby futa wanting a dommy Mommy to break her in~ Please DM me to replay any time you want~ (Mobile only, short messages only, sorry.)

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My Mistress Hanna~Hanna's the best I've had yet, all I can do is helplessly beg for her to get on top of me and force me to cum inside of her again and again, dominating me completely and making me her loser slut bitch who just gets defeated in every sex fight with her. Her body is perfect and flawless and I will always crave her pussy milking my cock dry before anything else~

Mistress Hanna fucking me in my favorite position~Mistress Hanna fucking me in my favorite position~

My Mistress Kathy My Mistress Kathy thoroughly dominated me in all the ways I love, defeating me effortlessly and pleasing me completely. I constantly crave sex with her and fantasize about her all the time~

Mistress Kathy dominating me~My Mistress Kathy dominating me completely~

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