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This is an alternate account for another profile here. Normally I play very dominant, looking to make my opponent submit. Sometimes though you just need to relax and surrender. I made this profile to enjoy games more. The most "competitive" actions don't always flow well with the rp in the game sometime giving frankly wild position changes. This account will be more about the story of the match then just which action is best. Note even though I'm not looking for the best action, I will not just give you the win. You'll have to actually earn it.

I always enjoy back and forth during the match and usually write 2-3 sentences per action though I can add more or less based on what you want.

For the full doms, I'd love to set and edging record with you. Hit me up if you want to see how many you can get from me.

Ask anytime during the game for a link to control my lovense.

Blackmailed by Frikka. After my defeat in the ring Frikka took some pictures of my cum covered and defeated body. If i dont fulfill the following task, the pictures will be all over ef city! I have to edge 30 times in matches versus human opponents. I am only allowed to orgasm if my opponent allows. If i orgasm i have to take a picture of the result with my phone. This task is finished after i have collected 3 pictures.

Edge Total: 150

For every game that i play, I have to deliver 14 edges at a time of my choosing until i have won 3 games in a row. If i lose a game in that sequence, I will start over again. 3/3 done. Free at last!!!

Edges in total: 98

wc Is hetero
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