Sophie the Big Scary Ice Mage (Level 5) mail warning

Hello, ICE to meet you.

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Hello, my name is Sophie and here is something about me.


I am from a small nameless village deep in the mountains. It was a beutiful place until it was raided and destroyed by bandits. I was saved thanks to my parents sacrifice, the sent me sleeping in a basket down the river in hope someone would find me, and it happened. When i woke up i was in a temple, a magic temple to be exaxt. ,,We have been expecting you" they said....they told me everything and that if i want to get my revenge i have to work hard so i can ,,ignite my spark".

I spent months there training but almost nothing happened until one night. It was middle of the summer and i heard rumors about bandits in the nearby village so i ran from the temple to help poor villagers. When i got there I
realised that those are the same bandits that destroyed my village becouse all i remember was the voice of their leader. He was infront of me and thats when it happened. Something strong in me just straight up exploded when i got angry at him. Last thing i remember was coldness.

When i woke up i was in a temple and when i looked up thru the window i saw big pillar made out of ice in the village, IN MIDDLE OF SUMMER.

Thats how Ice Spark was ignited and Sophie the Ice Mage was born.


That story was from several centuries ago, with Spark came eternal age as well, i can die in a battle but no becouse of age.

Today I have my own masters Jamie and Kiran. Sophie also have her own mistresses Isa and Lily~ and her own trainer Ryuna and personal baka~ Draco. I am really happy right now.


I am pretty friendly soul always in mood winks until someone is trying to hurt me or someone loved by me, then we might have a problem air got colder around us but dont you worry other that that we will be fine.

I am opened to fight for my loved ones but remember...

My ice blue and cold as my eyes will shatter your heart and bring me victory in every fight.

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