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Unprofessional 'Lewd Dungeon/Maze Explorer'

Bi / Soumis(e)

🐺Your local, sometimes rarely spotted, subby doggo/wolf-boy. Considered 'cute' by some? No clue why... >///> 🐺

Secretly loves accidentally wandering into dungeons/mazes filled with lewd traps, but will never do so 'willingly/knowingly'.
Almost always seen wearing his green hoodie and brown leather collar.

Mostly interested in spectating hentai and JOI games (because I'm still shy when it comes to participating after all this time. >///>), though I absolutely do NOT mind lewd teases, rubs, hugs and ear scritches. 💚

Current active status: Not too interested in RP'ing at the moment.

-Currently 'Claimed' by Red Mystery Girl
After having had my 'shell of shyness' pried open just a tad by Red, I ended up being 'claimed' by her. This claim in the shape of my dog collar and RMG-tag is meant to show some form of 'association', which includes some fun 'benefits' for her, as a thank-you for being so kind in those early days.

-Lore-wise/canonically I live in Kuro's Bunker, where I was offered a room to stay. (Yay for having a 'home' of sorts. ;p)

About me:

On EF I go by the name of Marcus. IRL I'm 30 years old and bisexual. Even though I've got a decent 'level' here, I'm still inexperienced and a newbie in regards to 'being dommed IRL' and participating in sexfights (My level is purely from bot games, as I sometimes like to casually play with the bots/be played with by the bots. >///>).
A combination of shyness, subbyness and timidness causes me to not be brilliant in being the driving force behind scenarios and RP's, but I'll always try my best to make proper replies.

During Sexfights, even though I'm like 99% submissive, I'll try to not go down without a fight.

When it comes to IRL sensitivity... I'm VERY sensitive. The max amount I've managed to edge before, has been between 20-30 times. Premature orgasms are likely.

In regards to physical details, just imagine me as my avatar pfp, collar included. (It may not be what I look like irl, but it’s certainly the better looking option for your imagination~.) I am 1.80cm tall and have a pair of dog/wolf ears and a fluffy brown tail (in line with the allowed ‘step 2’ on the furry chart as seen in the code of conduct).
(Should you dislike the furry-ness, then you are 100% free to imagine me without those bits. Just be sure to mention though, as there might be chances I'll still accidentally refer to having ears and a tail.)

Marcus in hot spring

Down below, I’ve got a small uncut penis, which is around 6 cm when flaccid. When aroused, this grows to a length of 9-10cm. Meanwhile my balls are a bit better in size, as they’d be close to the length of my index finger. (They kinda have the shape/size of one of those vibrating egg-bullets?) In general, this makes for a very grope-able package~.
In the context of RP'ing, it is best to assume that my character's seed is infertile, which makes it impossible for me to make any kids. (This falls in line with my dislike for the idea of breeding/pregnancy caused by my character.) I thus can be drained, but won't breed/produce any offspring.

JOI and me:

As mentioned, one of my main interest is JOI-related content. I might not yet be daring enough to join fully fledged JOI-matches through MatchMaking myself... but that doesn't take away that I don't enjoy lewd instructions, as you can see by the game at the bottom of my profile 🎲. (D-don't send me a DM with the instruction/request to roll the dice for myself... I-I might end up obeying >///>)

When it comes to stuff that 'I' am made to do by people.. (be it through an actual JOI-match, or because you feel lewd in public/DM chat and want me to edge/do other stuff... >///>), please keep in mind that any kind of JOI-actions will have to be preformed in my work room, meaning I do 'not' have the luxury to lay down on a couch or in bed. I'm thus limited to sitting in my desk chair.

Don't get too noisy!
I do not live alone, and thus am not really capable of making a lot of/any noise either vocally or through the use of noisy toys (so no 'making me moan out loud'. Though I'll try and bite my lip/whisper if required to speak out loud). Likewise there is a chance I might have to 'AFK' unexpectedly, should the people here suddenly decide they 'require' my attention. (if this unfortunately happens without warning, I'll try and get back to you asap 💚)

Should you ever end up wanting to give me instructions, be it in private, DM's or in public chat if I happen to be spectating... there is some stuff that might be handy for you to know. Especially when it comes to whether or not you'd even match with me in regards to interests, and if I'd even be the 'right' kind of person for you to play with/have your fun with.
Keep reading if giving me commands interests you. (or keep reading if you're just curious about the lewder details. ~^w^~)

Lewder details 👀

As mentioned, I'm really quite sensitive when it comes to stroking/edging. Low numbers of edges are possible, but the more I'm made to edge... the likelier it becomes for me to accidentally orgasm. Edge-holds specifically are a recipe for a mess. Unfortunately I'm not able to edge or orgasm 'a second time', without taking at least a 30 minute break.

If you end up wanting to dom me through IRL commands, it's more fun for us both if instructions/commands are kept somewhat smaller in scope/duration, as that lengthens the possible play-time.
Commands from the 'game' at the bottom of my profile are a decent indication of what kind of stuff I'm capable of.

(I will promise you that I won't push myself over the edge 'on purpose' unless I'm told to, but... Even if I stop all stimulation, it is still likely for me to accidentally orgasm. I do apologize of this happens. 😰 Should I accidentally cum though, it happens without 'active stimulation'. i.e. what I consider a 'ruined orgasm'.)

Marcus Wright appreance

Kinks & Limits

The following will be a list of my likes and kinks, paired with some additional explanation. The first section being mostly aimed at JOI-related content (though also fitting for RP's). I'll also detail some limits/dislikes, which are focused both on IRL and RP situations. Lastly, although I don't have much RP'ing experience, there'll be a section of stuff I love in RP's.
Be sure to read this to figure out if our kinks for IRL/RP match up, and thus if I'd be the right 'plaything' for you~.

💦 Likes: 💦
-Soft/Gentle, encouraging Doms (Humiliation is not meant for me, but I do like a kind and gentle dominant approach. Calling me cute, adorable and a good boy will start to make me blush ever so slightly as you make me feel warm on the inside, and I'll very much try to obey your commands to make you happy.)
-Pre-cum eating (I may have got the 'Cum Play' kink enable, but in a JOI-setting that is purely for PRE CUM, as I dislike cumplay with actual cum. Precum however is fair game for you. ~w~)
-Toys (although I've only got a few toys, I don't always have the option to use them. The toy section 'should' be up-to-date though. You're free to instruct me to use a toy, but there is a chance I might have to disappoint you, like with the noisy-boys.)
- Stripping games? ( Slowly being made to lose clothing and end up naked... it's always fun to 'lose'.)
- Dice Games (There is something very hot about having RNG determine an action. Take the dice game at the bottom of my profile for example.)
- Edging (I may not be good at 'large' amounts of edges, and I am horrible at holding an edge without going 'over'... but I do like to edge now and then. As long as it does end with an orgasm.)
- Hypnosis (I've very slowly begun to dabble with being subjected to lewd hypnosis thanks to Benji. I'm not yet ready to hand over any of my triggers to anyone, as this requires a great deal of trust.)

💚Previously mentioned/other details:💚
-Smaller commands (This is a repeat of what was said above: Because of the sensitiveness, smaller commands are better for prolonged fun. i.e. telling me to grope my balls x-amount of times, making me rub my cockhead x-amount of times, etc. Stuff like 'edge 3 times' however will rapidly bring me close to orgasm... Just know that I can't go for a 'round 2'. xD)
-Premature orgasms (As mentioned above, I'm very easily aroused, am sensitive when it comes to pleasure and edging, and I can't take too much. As a result, there is a high chance I will cum prematurely.. so you've been warned. I thus might accidentally cause a quicker end to a session than imagined. Not sure how well I'd do with post-orgasm-'torture', so I might not be worth much after blowing my load.)

-Not into denial (If I'm horny and aroused... I do want to end up cumming soon afterwards. Denial is something which I really don't enjoy. It doesn't turn me on, nor does it make an orgasm feel better after the denial period for me. Thus... I'm afraid that I'm going to have to refuse any denial commands. I'm just not into it, sorry....)
-No pain please (Although I can handle a soft flick or soft slap against my balls, cock and nipples.. I am NOT into actual CBT. Anything involving causing real 'pain' is not meant for me.)
- No humiliation/degradation/mocking (I'm already aware that many of my qualities aren't exactly flattering, like my premature-ness and limited size. In general I've got a pretty low self-esteem, and I'd rather not be reminded of this through humiliation/degradation. So if you can avoid any kind of mocking... Thank you.)
- Actual cum eating (I've tried to in the past... but I REALLY do not like it or the idea of CEI, or even cumming on my face IRL. I love pre-cum, and pre-cum is fair game, but actual cum is too much for me in an IRL setting.)
- Crossdressing/sissyfication (As depicted by my profile picture, which does not reflect me IRL, I may be adorable... but I'm not interested in the embarrassment of crossdressing.)
- Implication of breeding/pregnancy (Having kids and raising them can be fun for some people, but I'd rather not think about 'ever' making someone pregnant. As a result, in JOI or RP's, please do not imply this possible consequence. You're totally free to drain me/my character and imply to use their seed for 'potions/drinks/skin-care' for 'others' though, as long as it doesn't involve pregnancy.)
- Chasity ( I'd rather always have access to my member. It was meant to be played with.. not to be locked away. This also refers back to the denial thing ;p)
- Watersports/Scat (Just REALLY not into this.. plus cleanup IRL would be a mess and impossible to explain? So both in RP and IRL... no.)
- IRL Bodywriting/outdoor/public stuff (This would be included with the 'no humiliation' thing. I'd rather keep any lewd activities within the walls of my room, which means I don't want to take anything outside of them. This included bodywriting as there is a chance others might find out... and I don't want to deal with that kind of humiliation. >w>)
- No providing pictures (I've got an anime/hentai avatar for a reason, and don't want to make or share any IRL pictures. I'm also not interested in receiving them, truth be told, as I can't repay the 'favor'.)

🧙RP specific fantasy likes/interests:🧙
Just some stuff that has caught my interest in the past.

- Lewd Mazes/labyrinths (I adore having to explore a maze/labyrinth that is filled with lewd traps and treasure. As long as I can move forward and 'struggle' against the dungeon's contents, as they slowly try to make me cum over and over... I'll like it. ~w~)
- Dub consensual (If encountering lewd traps/scenarios like mentioned above, I always like to struggle and 'fight back'. Desperately trying to get away, only to succumb to the lewdness and pleasure when escape turns out to be impossible. If ANYTHING actually does not have my consent, I'll be sure to mention it.)
- Hypnotism (Go ahead and have a trap hypnotize me, forcing me to play with myself as I obey the commands... though I'll always try and break free~)
- Bondage (as long as I can 'struggle' against my bindings and temporarily show a tiny sign of defiance against my fate, I'm okay. ^w^)
- Forced nudity/wardrobe malfunctions (When in a dungeon, it's always fun to encounter a trap that forces me to lose a piece of clothing. Be it a spell or a slime pool that dissolves clothing... you'll have me flustered and in search of new clothing to hide my naked body... only for me to be extra vulnerable as I stumble directly into that mimic chest. xD)

My Toys/Your teasing tools

A good boy also comes with toys that can be used on him. The following are in my posession, and might be used if given the instruction to.

-A 'Quickshot BOOST' Fleshlight (If I slide it over my member fully, my cockhead just 'barely' pops out on the other end.)
-A brown leather dog collar.
-A pair of stretchy silicone 'handcuffs' (by TOYJOY)
-A small buttplug with max diameter of 2.8cm and a length of 9cm, and a slightly bigger buttplug with a max diameter of 3.7cm and a length of 12cm (This second buttplug is very hard for me to take, and I might not succeed...)
-NEW: A black silicone bit-gag.
-NEW: A 'Temptasia Reina' Dildo

The rumble-y boys:
-A black vibrating cockring (Luz Eclipse)
-A Lovense Hush-2 (1 inch. The smallest size).
-A 'JETT' guybrator from Hot Octopus. (This thing is NOISY and thus can only be used if I'm home alone... plus it might be too powerful for me as even on the lowest setting it makes me orgasm rapidly/within a minute. >///>)

Marcus Wright appearance

x) Bonus Ga(y)me?

In the past I've often been fascinated with the idea of Jack-off-instructions, though because it was difficult to find sources with tasks that were random enough for my taste (i.e. not a pornhub joi-video which always is the same ~w~), I sometimes had to resort to making my own little games using websites like 'wheeldecide' with some fap-instructions. This obviously was 'before' I stumbled upon EroFights, but... I still liked the old concept. Spin a wheel or roll the dice, and be submitted to the task (which obviously would be tailored to my sensitivity, and thus would all consist of smaller tasks). I've often thrown away the old ideas, but I guess that now I've made an account on here... I maybe can post the 'work in progress' here as I've restarted the dice-game idea? (it's mostly to serve as a way of coming up with tasks and remembering them on the spot, if I ever have to give someone else a JOI-specific instruction, or to serve as inspiration for anyone who ends up domming me ~w~) The idea is that it can be expanded with whatever task fits my likes and kinks, but would be playable in 'any' state. You've just got to change the /dice command to have the correct number of possible tasks. ^w^

I guess mechanically it all works similarly to playing with bots here on EF, as you don't know what command/instruction you're going to get, but obviously it is much more limited. ;p
The following dice-task list is a work in progress, is 100% aimed at those who have a cock, and 'perhaps' could be played by 2 subs as they each roll the dice for the other player? At least... that sounds like a fun usage-scenario. ~^w^~

In general... You play till you CUM! (and perhaps even slightly beyond that if you're unlucky by rolling a 19 or 32~)

Interactive 'Pleasure' of the dice! Roll and tease yourself~

Take a chance and roll the /dice39 and submit to the task. How long before you break and orgasm? (or reroll if you really don't like the task ^w^)

  1. Double up your next dice task!
  2. Edge 1x, letting your tongue hang out of your mouth
  3. Rub your frenulum for 20 seconds
  4. Stroke 30x with your dominant hand
  5. Tease and pinch your nipples for 20 seconds
  6. (If you are wearing underwear, remove it) Stroke for 20 seconds using your underwear with a loose grip
  7. Close your eyes and edge 2x, leaving at least 20 seconds between each edge
  8. Stroke 30x with your non-dominant hand
  9. Palm your cockhead for 15 seconds
  10. Apply some spit to lube up your tool
  11. Stroke your cock 'and' grope your balls for 20 seconds
  12. Grope your balls for 20 seconds
  13. 'Unlucky'... Squeeze out as much pre, rub it onto the palm of your hand and then lick it up
  14. Toy play! Grab a toy and put it to use for 25 seconds
  15. Close your thumb and index-finger as if you're making a fist, then stroke like that for 20 seconds (This should only stimulate the cockhead)
  16. Stroke 30x with a reversed grip
  17. Get to the edge and hold it for 5 seconds
  18. Stroke as 'fast' as you can for 10 seconds
  19. Next time you orgasm... continue stroking for an additional 10 seconds of Post Orgasm Torture (this stacks)
  20. Come up with a command of your own, then flip a coin. Heads = The other person has to do it Tails = YOU have to do it... x2! Dice-Roller's free choice! Pick a number! ~OwO~
  21. Slap your balls softly, 3x each
  22. Flip a coin. Heads = Hold and squeeze your cock 10x Tails - Slap your butt cheeks softly, 3x each
  23. Rub your belly for 20 seconds
  24. If you are wearing anything right now, remove an article of clothing. Otherwise... reroll
  25. Bend over and grope your butt cheeks for 25 seconds
  26. No touching for 30 seconds! Sit on your hands and let your cock bounce as best as you can!
  27. Flick your cockhead softly, 3x
  28. Stroke your cock for 20 seconds, but keep slowing down the pace
  29. Rub your cock using only a single finger for 30 seconds
  30. Tease your cock by blowing air towards it for 20 seconds
  31. Put pressure on the area between your balls and hole, and rub there for 20 seconds
  32. If you cum prematurely... you are 'forced' to roll the dice one additional time afterwards (This stacks)
  33. Run your hand through your hair and give yourself some ear scritches, like a good boy deserves
  34. Run your fingers sensually past your inner thighs for 20 seconds, but don't touch your balls or cock
  35. Stand up, spread your legs a little, and push your erect cock+balls to 'behind' your legs before closing them. Then reach around and tease your cockhead for 20 seconds.
  36. Suck on two fingers until they are covered in saliva, and rub the tip of your cock for 20 seconds to simulate someone licking on it.
  37. Lick your hand until it's a drooly mess, and stroke fast for 20 seconds with a tight grip.
  38. Edge once whilst trying to whistle.
  39. Free Play~ Feel free to pleasure yourself in any way you like for 1 minute... but do NOT edge. (If you do.. naughty! Give that butt some spanks!)
  40. (c)If you are wearing anything right now, remove an article of clothing. Otherwise... reroll
  41. (c)Toy play! Grab a toy and put it to use for 25 seconds
  42. ???

(For those with female-bits instead of male-bits down below... some tasks will clearly not be possible and will have to be adapted to fit. You can do that yourself, or you can re-roll, your choice <3)

Should you think of some additional tasks for the list that might fit with my likes... feel free to DM me with the idea. Perhaps I'll use it to expand the list. ~^w^~

Marcus subjected to his own dice game

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