SluttyLouisa (Level 4) mail warning

only play interactive games ;) come and use me <3

Hi my name is Lena and i am 23 years old :)
Im a pathetic little lesbian sub <3

Beeing insulted and called names is my biggest turn on <3 but i am also really into orgasm control, (public) humiliation, body writing, beeing degreaded, abused, treated horribly, the meaner you can be the better <3
please dont let me to cum, even if i beg for it, i love beeing told "no" <3 good girls dont cum [last orgasm: 02.08.2021(ruined) last full orgasm 28.04.2021]

I only play Interactive games ;) and i love public games <3

i have blonde wavy hair about shoulder long, i am 163cm tall and i have normal figure, no moddel but faar from overweight and i have B cups and i think a pretty nice butt ;)

Limits: any kind of toilet play and anything with extreme pain.
Also dont really like sending pictures and videos to people i dont know, so please keep that in mind :)


Add me on Discord if you like :) SluttyLouisa#4466

(btw, I have really bad internet, atm because of construction in front of my house so if I just disappear that's probably why 😅)

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