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Full profile rewrite, hopefully some nice pics soon !🥰🤭

In game...

Hetero / Switch

Reworking profile, some parts may be wonky or weird :)

Welcome to my profile! 🥰💋 Please have a drink and enjoy the reading! 🍻☕🍹🍸


A few words about myself

Hey there! Nice to meet you ... (<<< you should click here)

My name is Mike and I'm the proud owner of the THE CHAOS BAR! ! 😁

I'm 25 and I speak French and English! I'm the casual athletic guy with long hair and short beard, 1m85, 80kg, 17cm (6'1'', 180lbs, 6.7in)! 😜

I love to meet new people, enjoy time with the ones I appreciate and tease almost everyone ... 🤭

My most important principle is communication, especially when it's about sex and it's happening online! It's not always easy, sometimes you are trying to not hurt someone or sharing about a taboo kink because you fear someone will judge you ... But one thing I want to make clear is that nothing makes me sadder that to know you hold back about something so ... anything going through your mind, good or bad, just say it. 😊

On phone AnimeVersion


My sexual preferences

Sooooooooo. The interesting part. I play as a complete switch. Nothing more, nothing less. I can go full dom and full sub, I enjoy both ways and I can adapt to my partner. I'm happy to play with anyone as long as they can make things go both ways.

Now, about my real self, I'm leaning totally leaning sub, especially online. I totally enjoy dominating someone from start to end without any regret but simply put, if you want to make me sexually happy or make me cum IRL, it happens when I'm getting controlled, fucked, used ... or just dominated.

So, my main interest lies mainly in back and forth, exchanges, competitive games, mutual IRL pleasure and so on!

Subs are usually boring. If you are a particular interest in my profile, you can try to reach out, I've had fun with some of them but not much.

I have some .. relations .. which are oriented with a sub/dom dynamic and I enjoy them. They usually happen on their own as we exchange with each other and I'm quite happy with them!


Games preferences

This will go quite fast ... Classic, wrestling, hentai and love mods.

I can do RP but rarely enjoy it so maybe a little action description ? Maybe more will see on the day ...

Timewise ? Just ask but I tend to keep it under 2h ... sometimes 3h but I simply don't have that much free time to play sooooo yeah, 2h max please.

Oh and COMMUNICATE FUCKING HELL !!! MOAN, SCREAM, INSULT, I don't care, I want to fuck someone alive ! I WANT teasing, I want to know when you are enjoying something, I want to feel your fears, your doubts, ... Now not everyone is good at this but usually, it goes well except with real silent people.

A realistic exchange is also important for me ... Remember we are humans and have sexual limits too so play with them, it is what makes things fun!

About the bets ... Yeah .. I usually give mentions, I want to keep my name and my pfp so ... Feel free to discuss about it!

And the best for the ending ... EDGES ! Hell yeah as much as you want, ideally both ways unless I just want to own your ass then you are just fucked and happy.


High IRL stake bets

Everyone likes some challenge ... And taking risks ... So here is an idea mixed up from several things around here:

Public classic or wrestling game with usual rules. (Should we add edging rules ?)

Loser has to edge their max numbers of edges publicly, expliciting why and how they lost (for example for me it's 100) and ruin their orgasm.

The punishment can be done after the game or within 3 days. Extra 10 edges per extra day. This can be supervised by the winner.


My titles & alts

Owner of the crazy and wonderful CHAOS BAR! !!! 🥰😈🤭

Used to have a huge hotel room that got fucked more times than myself ... 🏨

Let me introduce you to Dan ! Simply my subby version ... He also have cuffs if that's your thing 🤭

Alicia, the ruthless trans domme, kinda getting bored from here .. she may retire totally ...

Mommy Ember, the nice latex clad domme that could suck your will, your every desire and orgasms ...


Some mentions ...

Pet leash BDSM owning

My needy cumslut Amy Mmm just my sweet Slut 🥰 I will probably add more words later but she is just so sweet and nice! Okay I may also love how horny she gets to my teasing ... and when she writes a huge text to describe it ... And when she tries to get free drinks at the Bar 🤭

Goddess Alisha ... Well ... To put it simply, no matter what I throw on her or try against her, she always manages to take back control, torture me in some lovely way and force me to beg before I finally surrender to her ... And the worst (best) part is that I enjoy every single moment ... 😰
Facesitting HeadscissorSmother CumInPants

Emma A gorgeous good girl, always happy to please and get used 🤭


Kinks !

Cock worship Tits grope Submitted Edge

Laps spank Fuck wand Deepthroat Wrestling

Rough sex Forced sucking maledom caption

Caption fucktoy
Soft tease
Cock and balls worship
Rough sex
Tied fucked
Fucktoy fucking
Tied wand
Ahegao rub cum


My favourite weapon : THE DILDO HAMMER 😈

Some people (won't give names ...) complained that swinging king size mattresses was not fair in a game ... So I had to invest in a smaller toy for those little bitches, let me know how you would like it ;)
Forged in the mythical Forge of Asgard but a dark toymaker, this ridiculous Hammer could shatter the whole Universe if used with bad intentions ...

dildo hammer


A fucking important and serious question ...

Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? (please don't throw anything bigger or harder than a pillow at my face, this is a serious question! XD)


The usual BDMS test for what it's worth

Well I don't agree with all of that but most of it is still correct, feel free to ask :)
== Results from bdsmtest.org == FULL TEST

100% Brat
100% Switch
98% Degradee
97% Degrader
92% Submissive
87% Brat tamer
84% Dominant
78% Masochist
75% Voyeur
74% Experimentalist
59% Rigger
59% Sadist --> 70 ... 80%
54% Primal (Hunter)
53% Non-monogamist
52% Master/Mistress --> 90%
45% Primal (Prey)
42% Rope bunny --> 10 %
41% Vanilla
38% Slave --> 50%
30% Owner --> 80%
28% Exhibitionist
13% Pet --> 50%
10% Daddy/Mommy --> 100%
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer (Well .. I like MILFs ...)


And if you made it up to here ...


wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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