Jate, Mommy's Good Boy (Level 7) mail warning

Looking some good competition with even better RP :)

I'm a switch, I really enjoy RP and want an RP component to games! Quality, detailed words do it for me wayyy more than the game itself.
As far as things I'm into: As a submissive I have a praise kink (call me a "good boy" enough and I might melt right there), somewhat of a mommy kink, and I love receiving petnames and extensive tease and denial... and, if you get me early, I really like my first in-game "orgasm" to be treated as a denial in RP...
As a dominant, I just as much enjoy putting dirty cumsluts in their place, punishing dirty girls if needed, and especially rewarding obedient little whores ;)
Down for classic mainly but also for interactive, and I'm open to bets, rules, and some irl stuff depending on the opponent.

I love to play with bets and rules in a competitive game! If I violate a rule and you catch it that turn, you can make a rule for me for the game in progress too ;) Do your worst :)

Each time I cum I need to say "Thank you Mami Stephy!!" until I win 5 games (5/5)
Each time someone rides me I must skip my turn till I win 3 games (3/3)
Each time someone gives me a blowjob I must skip for 3 turns till I win 10 games (4/10)
I cannot remove an opponent's clothes unless I roll a 6 till I win 3 games (2/3)
If I cum first I have to select every action that involves submitting to her, or pleasing her with my mouth to thank her (1/1)
I cannot touch myself till I win a game (1/1)

Mommy Maya's rules for me --

I am the proud recipient of her collar: collar
Mommy is my everything; she always makes me so warm inside and so, so needy for her. So much so that I did not even lose a fight to her to become hers! She made me so desperate to obey that I instantly became her little plaything, and I will do anything to please her and to hear her call me her Good Boy.

In-game Rules:

Whenever you have the possibility pick an action that makes you eat your opponents pussy/ass.

You will thank anyone that spanks, feminizes or pegs you, and skip your next round.

You must edge every time a cumtest is played against you.

Whenever you have the possibility pick an action that undresses you.

You automatically lose a cumtest if it involves pegging.

IRL Rules:

Every Monday you will do a cum tribute to a picture of my choice (optionally you can send me a picture of the printed picture with cum on it if you don't find my request too excessive).

Everyday after waking up you'll get on all fours and spank yourself 10 times and say "Good morning Mommy, today I will be your good boy".

You have to wear panties for a total 24 weekly hours.

You may cum normally every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

You have to cum every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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