Rebecca (Transgender) (Stufe 10) mail warning

Joi/bets/IRL/Maybe some RP

Lesbisch / Switch

Hi everyone!!!! I am a 21 years old, student. Black hair and 1.79 67kg.
Writte me or wait to be choose in matchmaking. Normally I play IRL but maybe I Am in mood I like clasic or hentai with some betting( It can be another thing that IRL)

If you Dm me for first time:

  1. I would like to give a little presentation and your kinks. If I like you I will choose you for the second part. Is possible that I Can't respond you, I have a lot of messages.

  2. Then I will give you a task or no depend of your luck. If you had bad luck when you complete the task we will play a game. Or if you just lucky we can play when I read your message.

3.I hope you love being edges because I love to be edged and edge people.

Actually, I Love betting that the loser becomes a slut of the other. If I make You my slave You probably will only get denial and edges for My tits.
I love pain to, give and recive so if you like it too, don't get shy.
Yes, I am very switch
== Results from ==
100% Switch
95% Rope bunny
90% Brat
90% Submissive
90% Sadist
85% Degrade
76% Rigger
75% Degrader
69% Masochist
65% Dominant
62% Brat tamer
54% Master/Mistress
52% Primal (Prey)
46% Primal (Hunter)
46% Experimentalist
35% Vanilla
27% Slave
21% Owner
18% Daddy/Mommy
17% Pet
12% Non-monogamist
12% Exhibitionist
4% Voyeur
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer

Any time someone takes my girlcock inside their pussy (cumtest only) I must roll 5+ to resist. Anything less than 5 I MUST cum. (5/5)

Freya make me her slut after me challenging her, she milked me out and used me as her personal slave, She teased me and she make me cum until I can't take more. And I had to change My pfp for her
Lily After I confess her my little Crush with her, she teased me until we played together, and after having some fun we decide to add some rules for our Next game:
Me: Each edge I do will be followed by a slap on the balls.
Lily: Every action where she uses her vibe on her pussy she'll have to gag on a dildo.
Once everytime I can order her to ruin right after an edge.
Pinch nipples means clamps for 1 minute instead.

wc Ist lesbisch
autorenew Ist ein Switch
access_time Zuletzt aktiv: Vor etwa 9 stunden, Erstellt Vor etwa einem Jahr
access_time Ortszeit: 02:32
star Hat 28 Sterne
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vpn_lock Private Spiele
timelapse Dauerhafte Effekte
radio_button_unchecked Mit Halsband versehen von Lily
radio_button_unchecked Ist Halsbandeigner von: anna, Selena (Lena), Emma, Ashe, Domineta
mode_edit Hat momentan markiert: Rio
check Fetische: Weibliche Dominanz, Männliche Dominanz, Hardcore-BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal (geben (Aktiv)), Feminisierung (geben (Aktiv)), Keuschheitsgürtel/Käfige, Schmerzen, Schwanz- und Eierfolter (CBT), Pussy Torture, Pet Play, Erniedrigung, Erniedrigung, Knechtschaft, Fußfetisch, Achseln, Kitzeln, Dreier/Publikumsbeteiligung, Ausstellung/Outdoor, Hypnose (geben (Aktiv)), Schwanzanbetung (erhalten (Passiv)), Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Latex, Medizinisch, Monster, Alkohol
shopping_cart Spielzeuge: Gummiband, Schnürsenkel, Paddel


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