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女同性恋 / Switch

Hello, Aimi here!

I do have a rule for LWR that i'd like to spice things up even more! Whenever you are on the receiving end of a hold, choke and finger, legs spread (you know what I mean) have to roll as if it were bondage! Of course only when I am choosing holds that are supposed to keep you down, vice versa ♡
It's 5+ to escape and move as you would.

Whenever we are in a neutral hold position (scissoring, 69, rubbing each other rough) each of us rolls once..higher roll moves, lower skips ♡

♥︎ I am a switch at heart. If I have a positive win streak or at 0, I will lean towards dominant or bratty

♥︎ Lose streak, I lean towards subby...the higher the number the sluttier.

♥︎ Neither will be 100%, so expect me to show some submission as a dom if you resist enough. And bite back as a sub if you're too weak to keep your control.

I have no limits outside of child stuff, and waste

No strict-competitive games please, if you are controlled by me...don't suddenly go crazy on me and send tentacles my way. Have fun ♥︎
Even dominants moan.

PS: I will not do IRL unless we have had games together. With you well established as either my Miss or my sub.

PS PS: I am willing to do hentai stuff if we get along well ♥. If you desire a anime pfp change when I lose to you, so be it ♥︎

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