Gavi the neko Rockstar (Transgender) (Stufe 9) mail warning

Issac...Issac... Issac you know I get worried about you right

Bi / Switch

Originally a cute little catgirl still a cat girl but also has the power of a direwerewolf thanks to Vikaren she now has longer ears a furrier tail and a new transformation form she is also now incredibly muscle and strong and a rockstar so don't mess with this catgirl any longer

Issac is a very special person to me he originally used to be my little kitten but now he's my favorite little hubby I love him dearly wish I could see him more often

The girl that turned me into a direwerewolf is named vikaren she is cute absolutely amazing and I truly do love her hence she is my girlfriend though I might have accidentally exposed that I wanted to propose to her soon

I joined a mafia group called Casenati family and I'm a fighter for them

I got completely defeated and now turned into a toy for Lord Vince

Then then the last person I have to name is Wade we have a lot of fun together and he will forever be my true master no matter what Wade thank you for showing me what it means to be a

(Still working on this through ai art so expect the picture to change every so often until I remove this part ) my legendary direwerewolf form in this form I'm a lot more stronger faster and speedier I can also hear and smell better while also having amazing endurance no longer shall anyone challenge this Rockstar

Kathy of the dark Moon my little wifey!!!!

I really really do love her

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check Fetische: Weibliche Dominanz, Männliche Dominanz, Hardcore-BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Feminisierung, Keuschheitsgürtel/Käfige, Schmerzen, Schwanz- und Eierfolter (CBT), Pussy Torture, Cuckold, Pet Play, Erniedrigung, Erniedrigung, Knechtschaft, Fußfetisch, Achseln, Kitzeln, Arsch lecken, Dreier/Publikumsbeteiligung, Ausstellung/Outdoor, Spermaspiele, Hypnose, Schwanzanbetung, Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Latex, Medizinisch, Monster, Alkohol, Food
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