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Issac...Issac... Issac you know I get worried about you right

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Originally a cute little catgirl still a cat girl but also has the power of a direwerewolf thanks to Vikaren she now has longer ears a furrier tail and a new transformation form she is also now incredibly muscle and strong and a rockstar so don't mess with this catgirl any longer

Issac is a very special person to me he originally used to be my little kitten but now he's my favorite little hubby I love him dearly wish I could see him more often

The girl that turned me into a direwerewolf is named vikaren she is cute absolutely amazing and I truly do love her hence she is my girlfriend though I might have accidentally exposed that I wanted to propose to her soon

Kylie is a very good friend of mine she's cute handsome in her boy from and I would do anything for her

(Still working on this through ai art so expect the picture to change every so often until I remove this part ) my legendary direwerewolf form in this form I'm a lot more stronger faster and speedier I can also hear and smell better while also having amazing endurance no longer shall anyone challenge this Rockstar

The necklace Vanessa gave to me... Having lost the previous one she gave me a new one to symbolize our love and our relationship.... I'm so glad I have her in my life.... I hope things never end between us...
(Hello I haven't been on this site I only go on every so often if you want to properly contact me this is my discord:Gavi200)


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