Secret Agent Zoe Voss (Level 7) mail warning

Confident and looking for a win! 😉

Lesbian / Switch

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 52 kg
Age: 33
Body Type: Slim
Measurements: 32-24-34
Bra Size: 32A
Hair Colour: Brunette/Red
Eyes: Big in Size and Brown in Colour
Facial Features: Toned jawline and pouty lips

About Me:

Works as a Secret Agent at EF's Police Department

Welcome everyone,

I am Zoe, a tall and skinny French secret agent who works for the DGSE (French Secret Agency) during day time and secretly come to EF at night to try my luck at sexfight. I have a huge fetish for wrestling/fighting for sexual dominance and the idea of surrendering to someone who has sexually defeated you turns me on big time! 🙈

I'm generally a switch leaning towards sub, but don't mistake my lean body as my weakness. I fight to win and I expect you to do the same. I can be very sneaky and surprise you, so don't take me lightly. Although, I do have some kinks and if you manage to exploit them during the match, I tend to loose focus and get extremely turned on which may cause me to make mistakes. So, if you are smart enough and exploit my weaknesses, you can get on my nerves but if you are not focused and even give me a slight chance, I'd pounce on it and make you regret it. 😘

What I Like?

Firstly, short, curvy and thick girls who are bratty and dominant are my HUGE weakness! And if they can trash talk and take control, they make me feel weak in my knees.

Secondly, I love it when someone is physically very dominant. Like they can overpower me and put me in humiliating and submissive positions by force where I'm completely at their mercy.

Thirdly, degrading and body shaming is also a huge turn on me and can make me loose the plot. Like comparing your body with mine and teasing me about it.

Fourthly, lift and carry moves/sex positions are my ultimate kink! Nothing makes me more horny than lift and carry moves and humiliating holds. Just lift me up, hold me there and fuck me till I'm numb.

Fifthly, I also like forced tribbing. The idea of fighting for who has got the strongest pussy is so hot.

Lastly, I'm very fond of post match sessions when the winner gets to fuck the looser like they did in Ultimate Surrender.

Most Humiliating/Hot Moments/Most Degrading Things Said to Me:

First Scenario:

Marissa: Pulls her hair and shoves a strap deep in her pussy. Mhmmm, look how you take it. You love being fucked by American babes.
Zoe: Ah, mhmmm, fuck! No, stop, please!
Marissa: SPANK!
Zoe: As you penetrate my tight clit I begin squirming and screaming, my eyes rolls at the back of my head, hips trembling as I let out a huge squirt, the whole body shaking as I reach climax. Ahhh, hmmm, mhmmm, yes, please! Oh, God! Fuck yeah! 🥵🥵🥵
Marissa: There it is.~
Zoe: You got lucky! 😣
Marissa: Luck, huh?~ Just admit you're weak minded and easy to control.~ SPANK!
Zoe: Owww, you're so mean! 😖
Marissa: Now wear this collar for me and a gag too. Slips in a big red ball gag!
Zoe: Please, don't do this.
Marissa: Thanks for the warm-up Frenchie.~ SPANK!
Zoe: 🥺🥺🥺

Second Scenario:

Calliope: Pushing her off, I pull your strap on off and start to grind my pussy with yours. Taking a toe and sucking on it eyes locked with your big scared eyes. I know you like this.
Zoe: Mhmmm, yes! Ah, ummm! My eyes would slightly roll backwards, my long lean legs would squeeze on your thighs.
Calliope: You're just a French whore who want a English girl like me to use her.
Zoe: Yes, I love it! 🥵
Veronica (Public): Finally Zoe is being herself, I was worried.
Calliope: So cute. Rolls out a device. It's time.
Zoe (Public): Ah, she's getting to me. But I will fight till the end.
Zoe: No, please! 😳
Calliope: Lift you up you're so light. No matter how you kick and scream you can't get out of my grab.
Cinnamon (Public): You can do this Zoe.
Zoe: Ah, fuck! Please! "Squrimg, throwing my legs around, but unable to escape your grip" Put me down! 🥺
Calliope: I lower you in to it strapping you in. Goulding up the remote for all to see.
Veronica (Public): Why fight, see that fucking machine she is pulling, she really want to give you a nice fucking time.
Calliope: Who want to see this french girl scream?
Note: At this point, I completely lost it. Feelings that I had at this moments I couldn't describe. I was so lost in lust, completely helpless. I felt turned on, helpless, anxious and a little scared of Calliope too.
Veronica (Public): Me!!!
Calliope: Flips the button The end!
Veronica (Public): Come on, Zoe! Sing for us, you French whore.
Zoe: Ahhhh! Argghhh! Mhmmm, yes, please! Oh, God! Fuck! Yes, yes, yes!
Calliope (Public): Well, then I hope you enjoy watching me make a French whore sing.
Zoe: (Really sorry, Calli. Can we do it later, babe?) 😬😬😬
Calliope: (It's okay. French all ways run. ;) Have a good evening.
Zoe: (Ah, you mean, bitch! Lol! 😂)

Wall of Fame:

1- I challenged Calliope for a match for sexual dominance. It was a back and forth match for most part. I tried hypnosis on her a couple of times but failed. She tied me down and made me sweat and scream. She was physically stronger and was leading the game but I eventually manage to gather myself and use my speed and cleverness combined with some luck to get a "cum" from behind victory on her. I was so exhausted at the end of the game so I just made her lick my feet and made her my foot slut. 🤭

2- The new promising rookie Rocking Ally challenged me to a sex fight and I accepted the challenge thinking it would be an easy win. The rookie start off well by putting me on bondage but didn’t made use of it, I made a come back and surprised her with my signature trib move and squeezed an orgasm out of her. She finally realised she was behind the game and used bondage once again to get an orgasm out of me but it was too late. I flipped her over and shoved my tongue deep inside her phat ass and started licking her juices which turned her on so much that she couldn’t resist. I showed this pathetic rookie her place and made her my bitch.

Wall of Shame:

1- Marissa and I fought each other to see who was the better woman. Her being an American, she was very proud and so was I being for being a French woman. I used ropes and bondage initially to get the lead on her because I knew facing her head-on would not work for me as she was physically very strong and had those big muscular thighs. However, this trick doesn't worked in the later stages of the match when she got all worked up. She turned the tables on me and started pushing the "right" buttons. I kind of lost the plot in between and started making mistakes. She hypnotized me to finger myself to orgasms two times in a row. It was so humiliating that I lost to someone who was still pretty new at EF. I wanted to prove to her that French women were better than American women but end up failing miserably. After she won, she spanked my ass so hard making it all nice and red for her and made me thank her for doing so. She said that I did what all French does and that was that I surrendered. 😔

2- I texted Lucia thinking that she would be a fun person to chat to but she started trash talking and being all bratty. So, I challenge her to a fight and it ended up very badly for me. Even though I started out well (which Lucia later told me she was going easy on me) but once she picked up momentum I didn't had a chance. She kept coming after my pussy and was on top of me overwhelming me with her strength and words. It was the first time ever that someone made me cum twice in 2 moves. 1st one by bending me in an awkward position and fucking me with a strap-on and the 2nd one right after that with a vibrator on my pussy. It was getting so embarrassing and I didn't know what was happening and when I asked her to stop she kept asking me to bark and beg for mercy. I still managed to fight back and got one orgasm but it was too late and she eventually lifted my slender and light body, placing me on top of the rope and finishing me off with her fingers and tongue. She now constantly teases me about our little encounter and I can't wait to get back to her and make her pay for what she did to me. 😡 Or she might do the same thing all over again or even worse, you never know. 🤷

3- After Lucia defeated me so easily in the first match I thought it was total luck and one can’t beat me that on sided. She kept on teasing me and that made me very mad. She was on a loosing streak and decided to challenge me as if I was some jobber that she could beat easily and break her loosing streak. I was very angry at the disrespect and accepted the challenge but only to be defeated again so easily. 🥲 I tried my best but barely made her cum just one time with a help of my friend while she threw me around like I was nothing. She first made me cum by licking my pussy and then she tied me up completely and torture my already numb and dripping pussy with a vibrator and her fingers to finish me off. After beating me she tormented my nipples and my poor pussy with a whip. I was devastated, how could she beat me again so easily? I guess I have to practice because this is getting very embarrassing. But I’m definitely not challenging her anytime soon. 😔

4- The rookie Rocking Ally challenged me again to take her revenge. I thought it would be an easy win because she was on a loosing streak and but she totally caught me off guard. She started by pinning me down, licking my perky breaks, force kissing me and making me lick my own wet juices off her fingers. I tried creating space to catch my breath but she kept pouncing on me like a tiger and eventually made me cum in my fucking my pussy is doggy-style. I tried making a comeback and fucked her in the same position and got her to cum but it was too late. She kept coming at me and I got so exhausted and turned on that I couldn’t resist her. She trapped my tired and weak body and finger blast me to make me cum twice in a row. I was not expecting her to be this aggressive. Her style was unnatural and she kept coming for my holes by doing high risk moves from the start and I didn’t had an answer to that. So we are even now. Tie breaker, anyone?

5- This high school bimbo bitch, Trinity, who claimed herself to be the “Black Goddess” was fucking my partner who’s a coach in her school. This bitch has the guts to come to my house for a session with my partner and I caught her. She challenged me to settle the matter with a 3 cum sex fight in our basement and the winner gets my partner. I thought to myself, this pathetic high school slut wouldn’t stand a chance against me but just as we were setting up to fight she told me that she was wrestling champ in her school. Gulps. And that was it, she took control of the match almost immediately, sitting on me and going for my holes. Due to her weight advantage I couldn’t put her off and she kept trash talking, calling me a “weak old slut”, “horny grandma”, “skinny bitch” etc. and it was so hard to concentrate with all these insults. First, she lifted me up on her shoulders and licked my pussy to get the first orgasm out of me. Second, she used her strength and power to grab a hold of my waist and lifted me upside down and started finger blasting and licking my already wet holes for the second orgasm. I never felt so helpless, lustful and horny at the same time. I tried resisting but was too weak to put up a fight against her. I fell on the floor, motionless, tired and covered in my own cum and spit, and saw her taking out a 12 inch strap from her bag. My eyes all widen up, unable to move, my eyes begged her for mercy. She eventually used her strong arms to lift me up in a standing nelson and started fucking my ass. At this moment I was completely numb, my legs and arms flapping as she had her way with my holes and got the victory orgasm out of me. Then she threw me like a waste bag in my own basement and left to fuck my partner. This was so fucking degrading and hot at the same time. I got fucked by a high school wrestling champ in my own house who was fucking my partner as well. She has to payback for what she did to me. I’m gonna have my revenge.

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