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Hello darlings ;3 Been a while~

I am known as Marika - Goddess and Queen of the Lands Between. My divine influence permeates all. Legend has it I am very good in bed >:)
I always have room for more servants, so if you wish to kneel at my feet and submit to me, that can be arranged~
Of course, there are also those who wish to challenge me and bring me under their feet. If that's you, you're welcome to attempt - but I can't guarantee I'll be taken down so easily ;)~

(Basically I'm a reactive switch - I'll domme or sub depending on my mood, but the tables could easily turn in a match! Casually roleplaying Queen Marika from Elden Ring if that wasn't obvious - but of course you don't need to know anything about the game/character or stick to that strictly for us to have fun! Just here for a good time after all 😅)

5'9", honey blonde, golden eyes, slender & slightly muscular build, 36A


Hard limits: Scat, Pedophilia, excessive violence/gore that sort of thing (though I've been known to experiment if I trust you very well...), always feel free to ask me if something is okay or not!

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