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Hello there!

They said to add a description.. so here we are!

Like to play switch and fight hard to see who comes out on top! I like to rp with interesting scenarios. Can come up with an idea or 2 anytime to try out if you are interested. And eager to hear any rp ideas that you might have too! :) Having said that, short games with banter are always fun!

Love to bet. Complex or harsh bets (within our limits) are welcome to make the games more interesting. And always ready to try out in-game rules like bondage-hypno dice rules or any others that you might have in mind.

Special Mentions (and Bets that ended in my favour)

Domor has been trying to make me cum for her, without much success though! Recently, I made her cum twice in a row, and now she is my sweet (but leashed) little submissive, and I own her orgasms!

That is it for now. I guess, more will 'cum' soon! ;-)

Special Rules (Bets that didn't)

Active Rules

Old Rules
1.Although I beat Svetlana in our first encounter, I got cocky when we met the second time and she was able to beat me pretty easily even with a handicap. Now, I have to do what my opponent says for one turn after I eat them out. My opponents can use this power 3 times over the course of any match by using the trigger word 'Good Boy'. This rule will be in place until I make people cum by eating them out twice. (2/2)
2.A Mouth with No Name drained me using only oral actions in the game. I was getting too eager at times, but to teach me lesson, I can no longer remove my or my opponents clothes until I get 3 wins. (3/3)
3.Thanks to Louise Stone, for the next 5 games, I can not use the first cum-test option that shows up in any given draw. Which means, if I only draw one cum test on a turn, I can't use it. (5/5)
4. I was subjected to an aphrodisiac laced buttplug by the mighty Cait. As a result, I have a sensitive ass and skipp a turn on stimulation for the next 5 games. (5/5)

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