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Heey! I'm Emma, and I love meeting all kinds of people on here! I've been having a blast domming, subbing and roleplaying in all the different modes.


My dominant side is fairly gentle, teasing and playing softly until I get my subs frustrated or desperate :). If you're into rough or mean stuff, I don't mind that either. Just make sure to say so beforehand.
If I'm feeling more submissive I tend to love being called names and toyed with. Dirty talk also works wonders for me.

Casual games with little competition, I don't play to win.
When joining one of the non-irl modes I usually enjoy roleplaying at least a little bit. Short lines or long descriptions, either will do fine :).
I like finding out who's the more dominant one through the roleplay during these matches by just going with the flow of things.

My kinks are quite broad. I don't have a problem with anything in particular and love exploring new ones, so don't hesitate to propose something!

Take care everyone!~

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Be nice and keep behaving... Thank you, Mistress You're playing a dangerous game. Beg for more You instruct him to strip off his clothes. He won't be needing them. Get naked Be good boy and keep behaving... Thank you, Mistress As you tease his nipple with the tip of your tongue, swirling it around and around, you stroke his hard cock. Stroke while teasing his nipples You collar your pet, making him yours. Put on your collar Settling into a steady rhythm, you bob your head up and down his cock, taking it deep. Deep strokes You tell your slave to behave and get on their knees while you are present. Get on your knees He can only get pleasure from the tip... Tease the head He told me he loves stroking. Let´s give him some. Stroke at a medium pace You tell your slave to behave and stay on their knees while you are present. Get on your knees You're playing a dangerous game. Beg for more His cock is a little too sensitive. Maybe my panties can reduce some of it. Stroke with panties You collar your pet. Put on your collar You tell them to stop all touching. No touching He's trapped in a chair as you tease him by gently rubbing your knee on his cock and locking your lips together. The fact that he's clothed makes it even more enticing Rub through your pants Using both hands, you stroke his cock while gently massaging his balls. These won't stay full for long! Stroke and massage his balls You instruct them to strip off. They won't need their clothes anymore. Get naked