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I'm just a firekeeper~


I play all the modes but IRL is done only if I pick you from MM or agreed upon after discussion.

Another thing of crucial importance

Open for RP requests.

Also Important:

Please make at least a small introduction when texting me and let us get acquainted with each other~ I really would love to know even a little more than your name about you ♥
That should make the experience more awesome for both of us~ Also if you're just up for some texting I'm definitely up to it as well :3

A little bit about me:

Hey! I love having a bit of lovely Rp! And by a bit... I mean a lot! I'm verbose and I love playing around with the sentences a lot, adjusting both the vocabulary and length to the situation. Although even tho I play around with the volume I am on the longer side of things and I'd like my partners to be the same ^^ Don't worry if you feel you're not enough though! Let me be the judge of that, since I'm sure that with a right partner I'd have a lovely time :3

I tend to lean on the dominant side of things, but for right person or in an arranged scenario I can be a switch or even a sub~ But the latter is reserved to some special people who I feel comfortable enough with~ As of now I rarely play with my main (this character) and tend to use alts so if you have an interesting idea for RP chances are I will make a new character just for that scenario :3

One thing to be noted is that even though I love IC approaches if you start off the wrong note I can write you off completely, so if you're unsure as to what are do's and don'ts of me, better approach OOC.

A little bit about me (lewd free):

I've mastered countless techniques of pretending to work. I like having my time for relax, be it with games or a book in my head, submerged in a warm bath. I can sometimes be intimidating or cold but don't let that sway you. I think I'm rather friendly and open once you break the ice with me :3
And not sure what else I can say, unless you get to know me for yourself, no amount of words will truly cover what kind of person I am.

The game record and stories

1) Reina - RP game with Lisa Smith
A morning, one like many that both have witnessed during their lifetimes... Turns out to be a fateful day where the two can express the feelings they had been hiding from each other for a very long time... The day began as always... With Reina taking a long nap... A nap that soon turned out to be needed... The moment she woke up she began to tease her maid... A rather peculiar woman with undeniable charms... Such as her naive nature... With no difficulty at all, Reina manages to trick her into one of her playful jokes, but the maid took it way too far... Opening a new chapter in their relationship... Soon both were devoid of clothes and the social barrier that separated the two. Both desperate to feel the touch of the other, they began to passionately express their love right there... On the lawn wide in the open~

But soon the evening came and they headed inside... There in the bathroom, the two helped each other wash their body, and carried their lustful adventure on... Now in a more tame way... With gentle touches and an abundance of teasing... Appreciation and care... It was a true display of physical affection between lovers lusting after each other... The evening turns into night, as both finally reach the apex of pleasure and experience the mind-blowing climax... Ever since their relationship has never been the same. Now lovers, bound with the chains of love, rather than a cold contractual relationship between an employer and the employee.

This section is archived and kept for reminiscence of old times

Everything beneath this point

A little bit about me (♡ Yōkai Dame(Duchess) Gabriela ♡)

Duchess Gabriela is the owner of The Cherry Blossom's Mansion and the most powerful Yōkai in the whole spirit realm~ Her powers include but aren't limited to manipulation of time and space, reality shifting and border bending. As the host of the mansion, she has numerous concubines, a plethora of maids and butlers and countless other staff members.


The Mansion of ♡ Yōkai Dame Gabriela ♡

Deep inside the Great Spirit Realm, there's a huge mansion named "Cherry Blossoms' Mansion". It's a vast place consisting of numerous pavilions, palaces and gardens. The place serves as a home to the guardian of the entire spirit world, Dutchess Gabriela. Under her rule, the mansion thrives, swiftly expanding its influence and power. But that wasn't always the case... The great and mighty dame had to start from scratch in building her current Empire.

Even though her power is truly immeasurable, countless responsibilities do make it hard to divide her attention between saving the realm and taking care of internal affairs. Fortunately, the head of Cherry Blossoms' Mansion managed to gather a group of people able to support her in her struggles. Who are these people~? What do they do? What does their daily life look like?

Who's part of The Mansion of ♡ Yōkai Dame Gabriela ♡? Here's the list of them all!

The following list is always up to date. Therefore if anyone claims they're part of the RP and they're not here it's either a mistake on my part or a blatant lie, but bear in mind that the latter is more likely. If you're not on the list but you think you should be please contact me. Additionally, be advised that a few people were removed from the list due to their obnoxious behaviour.

1) Valeria
2) Weiss
Gabriela's next of kin
1) Rosemary (Sister)
2) Winston (Father)
3) Ciel (lil sis)
4) Sasha (mother)
5) Cait (lil sis)

Maids+ Butlers:
1) Ramona (Head Maid/Lady-in-waiting)
2) Kip (Head Butler)
3) Rabbit~ (Bunni maid)
5) Yami (maid)
6) Axel (butler)
7) Ella (maid)
8) Lisa Smith (First Class Maid/ Her Grace's personal attendant)
9) Safety Dance (Apprentice maid)
10) Damn Silky (butler)

Family Doc:

1) Ego S.Q.S.
Beloved Pets~
1) Foxxxy~ (My precious foxxxy)
2) Zia~ (My precious kitty~)
3) Eclipse (Neko Princess)
4) Lil thief cat Neko
5) Livvy
1)Sarah, The Tsundere Angel

What to do to get on the list? It's simple! You need to just ask me about it ♥ The only requirements are personal culture and the ability to perform a minimal amount of RP (Also be advised that everyone listed here may appear in one of the chapters of my blog story)


My vast list of connections:

Everyone with the status of {Cyootie♥} is protected by me due to their cuteness and my lifelong mission so beware~

JayJay My beloved lover with whom I have spent many wonderful nights~ Even if he's a little too eager to play new gals, don't let this discourage you from playing him~ He's a charming fellow who can deliver high-level RP if you want it~

Valeria {Cyootie♥}My beloved fiance whom I cherish without holding back at all~She won my heart with her peerless puns, beautiful smile and, charming personality~ I still have the day we met in mind. It was a mighty fine evening... The sun has recently set and I was having a great time on Ef... Suddenly out of nowhere she appeared... It was love at the first sight...I felt the arrow of the Cupid piecing my heart ferociously without any mercy...

I knew she's the one I want to spend the rest of my days with... It didn't start right off the bat... At first, we just texted casually joking about the most trivial stuff... Games... Music... Puns...Well, mostly puns... But at a certain point, she started calling me "cyootie~" I denied being one at first... I tried almost everything to reject her claims...It was impossible for such a charming, cheerful... Just simply perfect woman insisted I was cute... My mind refused to accept that...

But suddenly out of nowhere, we became very close to each other... We started to spend whole days together... Laughing as if nothing else mattered in this world of mortals... During my journey through life, I met many people both good and evil...Some of them were very kind some tried to abuse my weaknesses... But none of them caught my attention...I knew she was the one if I had any doubts at this point they vanished as quickly and swiftly as Tasty meals during X-mas...Not long after I vowed to protect cyooties acquired a new meaning. I wanted to protect her... but only her... She was now the only one in my eyes... I wanted to become someone in her life... Anyone being able to be of any aid for her...

That's how I have bestowed the title of her Knightess. With the new duty of protecting her, I challenged those who were posing a threat to her defeating them one after another. I remember the fight with Kitsune that tried kidnapping her... Fortunately, the crisis was swiftly solved. All enemies soon crumbled and my services were no longer needed for the time being...That's when I discovered the feelings that I had might have been reciprocal... Soon after we have begun to flirt openly...I... I just opened my heart hiding nothing before her. My only one and true Goddess the one I swore to defend and fight for. But now I had a chance to become someone more than a mere knight. I decided to confess. My heart pounding like it was about to get out of my chest I told her my feelings...

That was one of the most wonderful moments of my life... She said she feels the same way...A few days later I dared to challenge the woman of my life to a battle. We wanted to become engaged but we both wanted to be the ones confessing. After a very long and exhausting battle, we were both jaded from the immense pleasure we provided for each other~
“Then out spake brave Horatius,The Captain of the Gate: To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his gods”

With these words I became her Horatius... and she became my Muse... my Calioppe~We swore to stay loyal to each other till the day, the death does us part.
'm the happiest woman in the world knowing I found my true love and beacon of eternal happiness and that we're able to live without regrets together till the end of the world and a day longer...

Evilthorn {Cyootie♥} A very sweet kitsune whom I cherish deeply~
I love our convos every time we talk either on discord or during public games~ He's precious so don't be afraid to text him~
Storytime: Once upon a time there was a kingdom of cyooties.

Life there was steady and boring but people didn't mind that and carried on their duties with smiles on their faces... But one day an evil Kitsune Lord kidnapped the Goddess who was responsible for protecting the people and the country. The plains that once were green were now lifeless and the people who cherished every day were now depressed struggling to earn their keep. One day a brave knight decided to put the dark days to an end. She travelled for days until she finally faced the evil lord.

The castle in which the evil lord resided was vast but she quickly found her way inside his chambers undisturbed by hypnotized guards by disguising herself as a maid. When she finally faced the evil deity she swore to destroy she was shocked. Instead of a dark knight with a steel gaze, she found a needy foxxxy squirming with unsatisfied lust and desire~She quickly understood the reason behind it all~ The Kitsune wasn't evil~ It was desperate to cum~ That's why he has kidnapped the Goddess~ He thought her peerless skills may be able to put out the fire burning inside him~ The brave knight using her alluring feet quickly overwhelmed her opponent proving once more that evil can't win over pure soul~After hours of fierce pleasure, brave knight decided to take care of her new sweet companion and freed the goddess making her,
her fiancee the same day. From that day the peace returned to the Kingdom and was undisturbed ever since.
The country is now flourishing under brave lady Gabriela and her soon to be wife~ [Everyone lived happily ever after]

Freya{Cyootie♥} A sweet Lady that collared me as a result of a very long match full of passionate kisses, very alluring teasing that could break your mind with a snap of a finger and even more awesome action~
One could say that when two girls meet to finally get rid of the shackles imposed on them by society wonders may happen~There's wisdom in these words since that was a wonderful night that I will remember for a long time~ That day I learned that giving in sometimes results in the great pleasure of being liberated~ My beloved Freya made me cum twice making my whole body squirm in pleasure as I learned the pleasures of being a lady. ~

Slut princess 👸 Michelle {Cyootie♥} She became my irreplaceable friend after two wonderful games with me~ She's done a lot for me and is very reliable in times of need <3 She's also very cyoot and adorable and I love chatting with her about the subjects not related to lewdies~ Hoho~
She can put up a nice fight against you despite being a lil subby on the inside so don't think she'll give up without fight~Also, don't hesitate to DM her to dank on Shirou from fate or to just talk since she's a wonderful person with a charming personality and I guarantee you can have an unforgettable time with her~

Countess Sasha {Cyootie♥} Having finally calmed the situation in the country after the great mess caused by Everleigh and Evil foxy lord, one thing became obvious~ Due to a very high costs of repairs that had to be done, nobles were overtaxed, and couldn't take any more burden on their shoulders~That harsh policy was one of the main reasons why they have turned their backs on their rightful Goddess Valeria ~ Knowing that without the support of the noble council, her homeland will find itself on the brink of civil war once more,

Gabriela, deity's first Knightess, decided to act and she had to ask quick~ Fortunately, certain Countess seemed to be interested in her~Despite her relatively low title, she was an influential figure on the Royal court, therefore winning her over was almost equal to regaining the trust of the nobles~ As weird as it may sound, it wasn't Gabriela who made the first move on her~One Saturday, a letter came to the mansion our knight was living in~

Partially curious, she opened the violet envelope to reveal its contents~As it soon became apparent, the Countess was equally interested in meeting her~Not hesitating for long, knowing that due to some delays in the delivery of the letter, it arrived the day she was supposed to come, Gabriela quickly made all necessary preparations such as taking a nice long bath and putting on her best and most alluring attire~ a Few hours later she was already at her destination~

Uncertain of what was about to come Gabi knocked on the door~ a Few seconds later, a very curvy yet alluring silhouette appeared in the door frame~ There was no possibility of mistaking that mysterious figure for anyone else~ The countess herself welcomed her in the mansion~As weird and unusual it was Gabriela was positively surprised and honoured~ Not long after she was already wandering vast corridors of Countess's residence admiring countless adornments in it's interrior~But, to tell the truth, all the decorative elements weren't what was attracting her attention the most~

The thing Gabriela held her eyes on the most was the body of her host... Moments later they entered a vast private bedchamber~ As one could have guessed everything in there was in shades of violet~ From the bedding to the curtains and parts of the furniture~ It didn't take them long to get straight into action~
They spend a tremendously passionate night, full of long breathtaking kisses, sensual teasing and intense pleasure~

Hours later both jaded by all the effort they put into it they fell asleep in each other's arms~ With that, the future of the kingdom was saved and... Well, I'll only say that their relationship wasn't exactly, strictly political from that moment onward...

And many more awesome people that you can meet here~ If I were to name them all here this site would have to go down due to an excessive amount of awesomeness in one place~

Cya cyooties and wish you a wonderful fluffy day~ ♥

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You slowly approach them grinning deviously~ With every inch, you get closer to them the shyer they become~ When you're finally facing them, you begin to caress their cheek with your soft, fingers trying to get a feel of their smooth skin~ After a while, they're almost defenceless against your touch~ Trying to take advantage of that you gently bite their ear making them shiver with pleasure~ Gently bite her ear You approach your sweet partner giving her rosy cheek a passionate smooch only to take advantage of her being all shy and flustered and proceed with licking her sweet slender neck~ Have a taste of her sweet neck~ You once again prove that you're a top-level servant... No request of her Master/Mistress is too difficult for her to fulfil. Satisfied with her deeds, you leave them in bed and head for a well-deserved break. Even if it's short and you'll soon have to go back to work. Lisa has accomplished her task~ You see how needy she is... Without much hesitance, you decide to take control of the action. You place your tender fingertips right at her sweet button and begin to rub. Mere seconds later, she's moaning and whimpering in your arms as you continue the strenuous yet satisfying task of getting her closer and closer to the edge. Tease her clit! As a maid, you've been trained to serve your Mistress/Master well. But... it doesn't mean you can't use your techniques on someone else... You take a swift look at your partner and easily determine what they want. And as a maid, you're more than happy to oblige and use the newly acquired information to your advantage by inflaming their desire even more. Maid's special service  Driven by immeasurable desire, you get closer to her and slide a hand into her panties... But you're not the only one who's in heat. She does the same, and seconds after, you two are getting closer and closer to a sweet climax. Enjoy yourselves! You don't hold back at all relentlessly teasing them by showing off your voluptuous body. Being unable to resist your charms they feel how their body becomes hotter and hotter with the growing arousal. Special Maid tease!