Millie (Niveau 6) mail warning

Rp, okay with most modes except wrestling in most cases.

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

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Optional rules for if we rp or do something more irl-focused.
Hypno rules we can play with or without

If you succeed in any of the roles I will skip my turn as I spend it resisting the powers of my hypnosis.
each time a hypno action is used or a rule specifies it you move down
if no hypno action or rule moves you down you must roll a d10 and get a 6 or above to not move one level up on the hypno chart.

Lvl 1 inhibition :
You must roll a d6 on your next two turns, on a 4 and up you can play as a normal 3 and down you can only pick rest and middle action.

Lvl 2 conditioning:
You must roll a d6 again on a 5 and up you can play as normal on 4 and down you must obey me in choosing an action

Lvl 3 plant triggers:
Roll a d6, on a 6 you are allowed to play normally, on a 5 and down you must skip as your mind starts melting.

Lvl 4 finish conditioning and trigger planting:
Roll a d10, on a 9 and up you can choose rest or middle action 8 and down you skip as you start idly touching yourself descending to the level 5 rule

Lvl 5 ready to drop~:
Roll a d10 each turn, on a 6 and up you can play normal on a 5 and down you drop into hypnosis as you can now only play the last action every other turn and must start lvl 6 in two turns

Lvl 6 drop deeper for me~:
Roll a d10 each turn, on a 6 and up you play with lvl 5 rules on a 5 and down you can only play the last action and cum tests every third turn, after 3 actions roll for lvl7

Lvl 7 drop so so deep for me slave~:
Roll a d10 each turn, on a 8 and up play with lvl 6 rules, on a 7 and below you can no longer play the last action or specials and are only allowed to use cum tests every third action if possible. Roll lvl 8 in two turns.

Lvl 8 lets your mind melt from pleasure~:
Roll a d10 on a 9 and up you play with level 7 rules, on an 8 and below you can only play cum tests every third action if you successfully roll a 6 on a d6. Roll lvl 9 from the next turn

Lvl 9: lost In the pleasure haze:
Roll a d10, on a 9 and up you play with level 8 rules, on a 8 and down you sink completely into pleasure only able to use middle none cum test actions and rest actions as most of your energy is now used on masturbating and pleasing me.

wc Est bi
autorenew Est dominant(e) et soumis(e)
access_time Dernière fois actif : Il y a 1 jour, Créé il y a environ un an
access_time Heure locale : 15:54
star A 23 étoiles
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vpn_lock Parties privées
check Fantasmes OK : Domination féminine, Domination masculine, Hardcore BDSM, Anal, Feminisation, Douleur, Torture de pénis (CBT) (Donner), Pussy Torture (Donner), Pet Play (Donner), Humiliation (Donner), Moquerie (Donner), Bondage, Fetishisme des pieds (Donner), Aisselles (Donner), Chatouilles, Threesome/Participation de l'audience, Exhib/Extérieur, Jeux de sperme, Hypnose, Adoration des bites, Pussy Worship, Contrôle d'orgasme, Breath play (Donner), Breeding, Latex, Medical, Monstres, Alcool, Nourriture
shopping_cart Jouets : Gag, Plug Anal, Gode, Vibro baguette, Collier, Laisse, Menottes, Corde


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Through nature magic, you manage to summon a giant plant monster, ordering it to go after your opponent. As its body and tentacles capture and start fucking your opponent senseless while you relax and watch. Summon a plant monster to fuck her A trap reveals itself below the adventurer as two fairies quickly ambush them, quickly equipping them with shackles and gag, before helping them mount their new seat. Trap+: Sybian bondage fuck You are so ready to show him who's boss around, here... at least that's what you were thinking right until you stumbled into some conveniently placed strands. Now all you can do is struggle in vain, possibly arousing your opponent.
Trip into bondage There's no doubt in your mind they will be easy prey as you are just about to get into the fun. You accidentally trigger some kind of trap getting entangled in strands. Now you can do nothing but struggle and squirm in your binds, as your opponent watches in arousal. Fall into a trap He looks so happy and endearing, clearly wanting more from you than just  fucking. You decide to invite him for some loving cuddles with open arms, aiming to give him the best time you can. As you take him into your warm embrace you let your tails wander down to his naked crotch, teasing and tickling his shaft with their warm and fluffy fur. It's written clear as day in his eyes that this wasn't what he planned for, as your tails swiftly wrap around his shaft in a cocoon of fluff stroking and tickling his cock from many different angles with both great speed and technique, the heat of the moment slowly increasing along the speed of your tails and their tightness around his aching shaft. You smile as he starts squirming in your arms, but you hold him tight in your warmness. His body squirms from the pleasure uncontrollably as you whisper comforting and loving words to him, trying to calm his mind the best you can. Cuddlefoxy's loving embrace (Special) Nothing is able to stop you. For some reason you feel confidence overflowing your mind, so much that you don't even notice the magic trap. Before you can even react, you find yourself bound, unable to escape as your opponent watch you struggle in your binds, clearly being turned on by your predicament. Trigger the magical bondage trap The intense thrusts of the Sybian finally send him over the edge releasing his load all over himself as he pants and moans from pleasure, through his gag now a steamy hot mess on top of his new soft seat. Being fucked by the animated Sybian is too much, he cums from the pleasure Why are only girls allowed to dress up prettily? You show your opponent that you can rock the dress just as well! Won't they come over and fuck the bride, hmm? Wear the bridal gown yourself Oh no, he doesn't seem to agree with your intentions at all. He squirms and struggles, making the position the two of you are in very unpleasant, forcing you to let go, not a moment too soon, as he quickly gets you off him as gently as he can in his lustful rage. The time of cuddles is surely over as he looks at you with a look of desire, his intentions much more focused on fucking you on his terms than what you had imagined. Cuddles denied 
Finally, he seems to be calming down, the two of you continue to cuddle. As he starts to tense up, his cock twitching uncontrollably in your tails, hinting that he's ready to burst. Feeling this, you quickly steal his lip in a gentle, passionate kiss, your tails tightening even more as you send him over the edge, his balls unloading their hot, sticky load into the embrace of your absorbing tails, but the cuddles don't stop there as you continue to hold him in your warmth, your tails growing softer as they finish absorbing his seed, as they shift to blanketing him and you in their warm fluffy embrace. Sweet cuddles unending

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