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I'd love to set up something a bit more long term, so feel free to hit me up. Also I like IRL play

Hetero / Dom

Welcome to my profile :)

I'm very happy that you take some time to read through it and I hope you enjoy what you see!

First a little something about me as person:

I'm just a curious, friendly Swiss guy who loves to listen to music, play volleyball and to hang out with friends.

My taste in music can go all over the place, from listening to classical music to Norwegian EDM in like 5 Minutes.

I love to read and I'm interested in a broad variety of different topics, so if you just want somebody to talk to about pretty much whatever, I'd be up for it.

I'm currently studying at Uni and I really enjoy meeting all kinds of different people, learning about new things and of course taking hours long exams XD.

Now for me as I am in EF:

You can call me Jack, I'm in my 20ties and I'm quite kinky.

Of course this is not my real name, it's a reference to the movie Master & Commander, which is what I am looking forward to do here.
I like being called Sir or Master and I love to Command good (or bad) girls around.

Nonetheless I still really enjoy fighting for control, I love going back and forth, struggling for dominance and I quite like the Classic game mode.

My journey here has started quite some time ago, but decided to take a bit of a hiatus.
Now I'm back and lusting for the rush of domination and the pleasure I get out of making my play partners enjoy themselves.

I used to be more of a switch in the past, but lately my dominant side has been taking over more, nonetheless I am still open to switch it up with the right person, so please don't be intimidated, I'm very friendly both as Dom and sub and I'm always happy to get a message and talk a bit.

Now for some of the kinks I really enjoy:

Edging!!! I can't tell you how much fun I and other people here had with it and I am intending to keep showing more beautiful women here how good it can feel.

I'm also a fan of giving orders and exploring fantasies and desires, I love getting in your head, finding out what makes your panties wet and your mind fuzzy (in a good way).

Am open for most kinks, so if you really like something or want to do something, please let me know.

Big fan of the Interactive game mode. It's so much fun and if you haven't tried it already with a good partner, I can only highly recommend it!

Aftercare is a very important thing for me and if time permits it and my playpartner wants it, I love giving it.
Also if possible, a quick pre-game check up, to see how you are doing, if you are well hydrated and if there is something that needs to be discussed before getting hot and dirty.

So what is there left so say? Well I wish you a delightful day and I am looking forward to hear from you or play with you.
A very special place in my heart is for the most perfect pet imaginable my lovely kitten Karina she's the most sweetest and caring person imaginable and such a very good girl!

Here I wanted to add something nice about my special girl Jillian that loves following my orders and being a very good bratty girl.
I love getting you riled up in all different kind of ways and it's always a lot of fun going back and forth with you. Even though you know how to push my buttons from time to time (shh, that's a secret, don't tell Jillian, otherwise this might go to her cute head) you always end up being my cute adorable good girl.
You playfully and creatively challenge me and make me smile a lot! Quack Quack Quack.


And as a little thank you for making it till the end of my profile here's a picture of one of my favorite places to be:


The beautiful Seealpsee

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