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rules/bets, roleplay or just fun...

Bi / Switch

Thanks for viewing my profile...

So a little bit about myself... I'm 18 going 19 y/o latina with hazel eyes, and black hair... I'm 5'2" (157 cm), 120 lbs (55 kg) with a slim body type and my measurements are 32B-22-37, bi, switch and i love role-play.... workout everyday... enjoy playing classic mode... making a people cum, it gets me very excited, as well as, being tricked or lured into cumming but it won't be easy...

I won't go down without a fight... DM me if you are interested...

P.S.: kinks, rules/weaknesses can be added as we play along... that is... if you make me a bet, i cannot refuse...

Rules i normally play with...

1/ As usual, hypno/bondage rule, roll 5/6, unlimited turns (if in bondage/hypno while there is a cum/test action then u press cum).

2/ Every time I win, i get to change one of your kinks, rule, pfp change, etc, if I lose, you can give me a kink, rule, pfp change, etc

3/ I have to skip any time being pussy-fingered... unless i roll a 5+ dice... rule given Bella... after i lost a bet to her where i was sexually dominated i completely surrender to her.

4/ Any-time someone sits on my face, i have to skip twice and then kiss my opponents ass... rule given Bella... again... though this time... she forced me to cum all over her face while she fucked me to multiple orgasms in both games... i have been sexually dominated for the second time...

5/ Whenever i am ass fucked (anal-ized), i am overwhelmed with pleasure... so i can't resist from cumming. (15/15) rule given Ares... when i first looked at this guy and read his profile, i was amazed alot... and loved to fight him a best out of three games... ending transforming him into a good looking girl... but with his 1 win cost me new rule...

6/ Whenever someone targets my boobs with an action, i must skip a turn unless i roll a 5+ (1d6) for the next 10 games (10/10)... rule given Whorina 🍆 after some long fights (6-7 battles) and transforming him into a girl we had a last fight with Cyrina (aka Whorina) where she overhelmed my body with pleasure working on my pearls, just on the right time to take advantage of the situation and against the wall to make me cum.

Victories / after a best out of three game lot

Good boy Adrian met him 10 days ago.. and get to know him better so we got a series of fights together... ending up defeated making him my plaything and giving him a new name, which makes alot people thinking we are related... but we are not... all this fights with him let me dressed like this eventually...

Look at this handsome guy... called Bryce all cocky and willing to make me his pet... well... he ended up marked and with a rule... every time he or his opponent uses or teases his cock to penetrate a pussy or ass, he needs to skip his turn twice in a row... if it is a cum-test, his needs to press cum, and then 2 skips. After, i bait him into mating press... and made it successfully... Let's see if Bryce is coming back for more... for now he is just marked!

People who's pride got hurt and eventually ignored/blocked me >.<

the personality eraser Connor got defeated and forced to get the game-rule that whenever his dick is teased in any way (licked, BJ etc) he needs to skip next 2 turns... but if its in a cum-test, he has to press cum and then skip next 2 turns... he also agreed into the rules lasting.. only if he beat me on a best out of 3 games. Let's see if Connor is coming back for more... for now he is my toy! and his pride and ego got hurt >.<
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