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As I sink deeper into this website, I feel it's time to revise my profile:

I'm your everyday normal Sales Key Account Manager at a company (33). My colleagues and clients think I'm a nice guy. Trust me. Think I'm fair. I rarely rise my voice and always try to resolve conflicts in a calm matter. And I do try everyone to be happy, so we have a nice working environment. But when it comes to sex I can be:

Rough Dom
If you want to be subjected to humiliation, bondage, pain, or just getting wrecked, I can do that for you. I like to play mind games and dominate. Also knowing that I own what I play with gets me going. My favorite part is to ruin their makeup and dresses - sloppy blowjobs, anal sex. IF the girl is rude, I become mean, rough and totally stop caring about her pleasure. But don't worry, even If I call you names, once we are done, I'll be respectful as always and help you to recover.

Gentle Dom
This is a more sensual side of me that I'm actually enjoying recently. Sensual touch... calmness... caress... giving me your trust... it melts my torn heart. I love it when girls put an effort to please me and I will always try and make their time worth it.

RP sessions are preferred, but trash talk and actions are also cool - sometimes great friendships come out of them : )

Disclaimer: I am a Dom. I don't submit just because you made me cum. Act all cocky or rude and I up my game. I'm just not used to giving up control to people who want to crush me. THIS said - there is a way to make me yours, but so far only one girl has managed to figure it out ; )

At Work
At Work

Working on girls
Working on girls




Honorable Mentions!
Jude was an unpaid intern in my company, just graduated college student, who thought she was underappreciated for her hard work. So I had to show her what hard work means. By the time I was done with her in my office, she was a drooling mess, with loads in all holes, barely walking, clothes in rags, not knowing if she would get that raise she so desperately wanted. Life is hard!

Wow! The moment BDSM Stacy walked through the door I knew I was in trouble! Queen Stacy! Dominatrix! Positive win ratio in over 180 games. Winter Champion 2020! Playing her game perfect, her words piercing like her high heels....... and she lost. I made sure she understood humiliation, as we kept playing for another 2 hours, after she came miserably two times. She is now locked in a chastity belt, with a few toys inside her she can't remove, feeling the humiliation and arousal, every time she sucks my cock and hearing me say "Damn, it feels good to be a Dom!".

Nicky got a few drinks more than she can handle, and involved herself in some pretty rough sex in front of my phone camera. A few days later she tried to fix things by getting in my car and telling me to delete everything... Well let's just say she got manhandled on the backseat... in front of her University... with people around... screaming to be fucked in the a**. What was I suppose to delete? Can't remember...

Misaki... Yeah... fitness instructor... tight body... training hard! I'm not gonna lie - I love when girls put an effort to look good, and then I get to fuck that effort. I did managed to make her scream "YOU OWN MY ***", but at the end she was just really good - girl has skills! I let her drain me, leaving me her number, telling me I can "cum" by anytime I need some more training. Yeah... she won ok? And I love it ; )

Amathyst applied for being my personal security guard, escorting me on important client meetings. So far she got dominated and wrecked on the backseat of my limo. Now plugged she got turned into my personal security slut. I wonder what her colleagues will say, if they found out she had gobbled cock on the job.

Annalise came to me insisting she had never lost a match, acting all cocky. She did had the upper hand, but cum miserably two times and tried to leave, like nothing happened. Which I did... not ... like... one... bit. So she understood what it is to wipe someones *** with her face. Fun times! She definitely enjoyed her new perspective on the world answering me with "Yes sir" every time. Good girl!

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